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Comedy "Nemo" premiered Chen anchor of humor and warmth coexist – Sohu entertainment Chen Chen handsome anchor Chen cited expectations Sohu entertainment news on Saturday night, the Comedy Competition play variety comedy "Nemo" in Zhejiang satellite TV broadcasting. In the first phase of the program, Chen he played fertilizer factory announcer Ouyang Zhu, with his familiar appearance, as well as the classic lines of dialogue, cited the audience collective recall. One of Chen and Jia Ling tacit understanding, for the program to create a lot of laughter. The heart of the people in the subject matter is touching the audience, the final two people hand in hand to win the votes of 457, won the first. Chen turned handsome anchor "Ouyang column" humor funny humor bursting in the program, Chen Ke Youngjun as the announcer Ouyang Zhu, and played a leading role in the key. In the performance of the process, Chen Chen to the classic anchor image debut, no one heard the first sound of his appearance, it is fresh. Then, when Jia Ling died, he took the initiative to rescue each other, but the error was down to the ground, the hero scene ushered in the big reversal, cited the hilarious scene again and again. Chen he smiles from Pianpian, frowning face to show pain, vivid facial expression is bursting with sense of comedy. It is worth mentioning that, after Chen has been in a humorous and funny image of the show, he graduated from the drama comedy skills well. Comedy "general mobilization" after the launch, he easily show strength attracted users have praised, commented "can let people do laugh with tears, the aftertaste is rare, Chenhe comedy talent to get a complete stretch". Chen partner Jia Ling CP full of warm heart boy on-line comfort teammates not only Chen’s performance of concern, he and Jia Ling once again into a high Yan value is more fun to play. In order to achieve the comic effect, two people echo each other closely with is full understanding, eventually won the highest score won the first prize. In addition, Chen and Jia Ling’s friendship is growing. Before he took office, Chen gave each other a hug to encourage; at the end, see Jia Ling tears more than, he gently pat shoulder silently accompany, warm heart. It is reported that the "comedy story" will be on every Saturday night at 20:30 Zhejiang TV launched on time, please look forward to.相关的主题文章: