La Nina is coming May be frozen to cry this winter-霍金hawking

La Nina is coming? May cry to La Nina freeze this winter? May cry Chinese frozen weather network news China Meteorological Bureau National Climate Center pointed out this winter, the central and eastern equatorial Pacific in August to enter the state of La nina. La Nina will disrupt the global climate, the climate in China is one of the winter may be colder. La Nina is a word from Spanish, meaning "little girl", refers to the central and eastern equatorial Pacific SST anomaly phenomenon of low. The SST anomaly caused by the atmospheric circulation anomalies, "little girl" will disrupt the global climate. Eastern Australia, Southeast Asia rainfall prone, prone to floods; South America’s Brazil, Argentina, some areas have been dry. La Nina events on one of our country’s climate is prone to cold. Since 1950, a total of 14 La Nina events, the impact of China’s 17 winter. In addition to the winter of 1950, no data, the remaining 16 winter, more than the same period in the year of the cold, the proportion of cold up to 80% in. In addition, from the regional statistics, La Nina years, Tibet winter cold the lowest proportion is 50%; the southern and Southern China area colder probability higher than 80%. Editor: SN117 Kun Qu相关的主题文章: