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Fei Yuqing encourage users to find love: asexual marriage can not be! Fei Yuqing Sina entertainment news in a recent broadcast of a program, the first time to talk about their views on marriage, Fei Yuqing. In the face of friends, whether or not to marry her boyfriend, the problem, Fei Yuqing suggested that users do not go into marriage without sex. Asceticism wonders? "Old driver" shocked questions in the latest issue of the program, someone calls himself in love with her boyfriend for a year, but the long-term boyfriend quit color, and that marriage would not have sex with the person. Not only that, users also mentioned that her boyfriend claimed that asceticism is beneficial to the body, "said he quit color after ten cm long". The world that is so "skeletal Qing Ji", that Fei Yuqing is very curious, also asked: "where is ten centimeters long?" Beast called Yi Xing also lamented: "the boyfriend is enlightenment monk." Fisher encourages users to search for love soup depth freely "old driver" Fei Yuqing racing is also sincere advice: "marriage is the lubricant, is a most primitive way of exchange of feelings. Since the marriage is not the same as the choice not to reluctantly continue." Fei Yuqing also blessed friends: "don’t get hung up, look ripe beautiful love." Fei Yuqing has been single, 61 years old, but had been revealed to the media, he did not look forward to marriage. "I feel that they have been the most suitable harvest time, like old old loofah gourd, there are people willing to eat?" But when it comes to love, Fei Yuqing still expressed their yearning, and advise you "don’t go easily without marriage". (commissioning editor: Sammi-H)相关的主题文章: