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After the return of Allen Lin Steve Chou storm thin woman – addicted to music show entertainment Sohu Steve Chou       Sohu entertainment Steve Chou, was the creation of the "man" "marine lonelycold shoal" and a series of popular songs, sung high degree, tonight will return "king return", he was suffering from stomach to lost 40 pounds into a paper ", now he has been recovered but concerns have been forgotten by the public.     Steve Chou return to the "Twilight" beach show cooking for his wife, Steve Chou once again came to Taiwan to do delicacy Sharon beach, the creation of "Twilight" back when I think, creation is from their own life experience, is responsible for exposing their own cooking, his wife is responsible for recording of dishes, also did not forget to wife cook, and to explain the stomach and out of the screen, will continue to pursue the dream of music but not radical, has focused on family and health. Dai king to meet Allen Lin’s "addicted" this collection king family came to the tropical rainforest of Xishuangbanna, by the "highest reception etiquette", the king and queen to give a banquet in honour, watching the "extravagance" court show, three more "Freemasonry is overwhelmed by an unexpected favour", "man" for the first time, Dai improvised musical instruments show full understanding of cooperation. It all learn peacock dance, but Allen Lin "addicted" women, spicy eyes "feminine appearance", "flower king" Steve Chou witty umbrella was Allen Lin play the peacock laugh like a hip ". All the exhausted power peacock dance is successful, the peacock "down" spectacular scenes, and first heard a peacock Jin Zhiwen dislike than Allen Lin crow sounds ugly. "Like Steve Chou away night drums" nature "" human liberation as the football contest "breathtaking, Steve Chou volunteered as a goalkeeper, but the elephant approaching perfect heavyweight goals," like Xiaogang away give up the goal. For the purpose of singing voice elephant Xiaogang ballad, "understand music" of the Asian elephant miraculously echoed, Allen Lin doubt adapted will become "the animal song" funny all over. The Golden Gate night music master gathered, evoked Steve Chou drummer "instinct", completely into the encounter now singing, now dancing; wandering singer is more singing, let the night market crowd "business can not do it," popular did a century ago. Allen Lin continues to "poison", a night pedestrian is carrying with expectation of music show in Xishuangbanna made a good wish. Brain hole wide open to discuss music show the collective memories of Jin Zhiwen and Steve Chou have all kinds of music at a cappella, is the focus of "open adaptation to do subtraction", Allen Lin praised Steve Chou’s voice can purify the world, adaptation of FHM inspiration constantly burst accident in. Steve Chou exposes the creative attitude to reverse, the pursuit of "crit" music and now prefer "like water can flow into people’s hearts," the music. The long-awaited music show scene, Steve Chou speaks as if we go back to the past, the big earthquake scene cited collective memories.相关的主题文章: