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Passengers for 200 yuan to beat real brother brother refused to change the original title: 200 yuan to the brother on a solid line to change lanes passengers refused to actually beat overbearing brother Yangzi Evening News (correspondent Qin Gongxuan Zhao Xiang reporter Pei Rui) recently, Nanjing taxi driver Wang in carrying 3 passengers, the other requirements of a solid line to change lanes, Wang the master said the line cannot be changed, will be exposed. The other party was proposed to the king 200 yuan illegal fees. Did not expect that, after three people get off the Master Wang was beaten, resulting in Master Wang sternum fracture. The police after more than a month. The success of the three suspects arrested. At the end of July this year, Nanjing City, Qinhuai Public Security Bureau received a report from the masses that someone hit a taxi driver in Zhongshan Road near to the police to the scene disposal. When the police arrived on the scene, only to see the pain on the ground to pour the driver master, and hit the perpetrators had disappeared. Police learned through the scene of the masses, around 9 o’clock in the evening, someone found a taxi parked on the roadside, and then came down from the car, the man of the three. But they did not like other passengers to get off the car, but pulled the driver’s master cab door. The taxi driver pulled out from the car as a kick, the driver fell to the ground still some people can not see past he’s really not letting this go, go Lycra also threatened to stop meddling. The police want to ask the driver what in the end, but he has some confusion, unable to answer the police inquiry. When the police contact 120 ambulances rushed to the police, ambulance personnel will be sent to the hospital on the columbia. After the diagnosis of the hospital, the driver suffered multiple injuries, one of the most serious is a chest fracture of a bone. In the hospital, the police learned that day in the evening, taxi driver Wang pull 3 guests in Sanshan street near, when approaching the destination one of the passengers asked him to turn left, Mr. Wang did not agree, but they are not here to answer the line road. But listen to the brother of the three people after the explanation was not ignored, but asked him to 200 yuan left and said the illegal money out of them, master Zhao still did not agree to the front but ready to turn around, this angered three people, one of them in the car began to kick the fence of the cab. Master Wang too dangerous immediately stopped the car, three people from the car down, the Master Wang also pulled out of the car, a cuff and kick. Police understand the situation, immediately launched a search for three people to escape, the police returned to the scene first obtain a monitor, but because it is in the face at night monitoring looks relatively vague, difficult to identify. Then, after more than a month’s time, the police has not given up on the three trace, through from door to door visits to the investigation, someone finally recognized the three monitoring in the specific identity of the police immediately after the implementation of the arrest of three people. After being brought back to the police station, three people are not aware of the serious things, but that conflict with the brother, the moment it hit him. At present, the three suspects at the criminal detention by Qinhuai police on suspicion of affray, the case is being further processed. Editor: Ya相关的主题文章: