57Wei little why win also shook his head No one but he scored on the double (video)|Wei little why win also shook his head No one but he scored on the double (video)9

Wei little why win also shook his head? But he has no score in double star [], less time from the 35+6 collection cut key investment unbeaten run Tencent sports news November 3rd thunder with Wei 35 points and the last 18 seconds of the cast hit the road of thunder 85 to 83 victory over the clippers, became the only team unbeaten team. Wei Wei is not less players in the game today less to get 35 points and 6 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 steals, shooting 30 throw in 14, three in 7 in 0, 9 free throws in 7, although there are 10 turnovers, but still help the thunder win. After Durant left Oklahoma, the thunder has become completely Wei Shao man team. Thunder began around Wei Wei layout, hoping to build a strong team with Westbrook as the center. Not long ago, they were spending 100 million renewal Adams, spent $84 million to renew oladipo. But the result? If the Adams 3 1 vote, 2 points and 11 rebounds and did not let anyone else, then oladipo 11 throw in 3, 9 points and 5 rebounds and 1 assists is justified. In fact, in today’s game, the thunder players in addition to Wei Min, no one of the score reached two digits. Oradi 9 points, Adams 2 points, Kanter 6 points, these should be an important offensive player without thunder, let the thunder in the scene has always been dominant in the case, the score has been tightly bite clippers. Wei even if less severe, but also flesh and blood, he will feel tired. In today’s game in the 10 turnovers, and Wei less fatigue has a great relationship. In today’s game, several times we see Wei Shaoyong hands on his knees, his body can also fully shows that fatigue is rising. There are several times, when the lens to Wei less, we see Wei little in the field of shaking his head. Perhaps less Wei was dissatisfied with his mistakes, perhaps for their own cheer. But it is more likely that it is because of the lack of support. After Durant left, who can become the thunder’s second points? Originally oladipo have this hope, but at least until now, oladipo also did not show such ability. (Dudu) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.