57This year he belongs to the Golden Globe Raul Ronaldo season 50 ball 20 ball I hard – Sports Sohu|This year he belongs to the Golden Globe Raul Ronaldo season 50 ball 20 ball I hard – Sports Sohu9

Raul: golden ball this year belongs to C Luo He 50 goals a season, I have difficulty with the ball – Sohu sports recently, Real Madrid legend Raul said in an interview that this year’s golden globe will belong to C lo. Raul said: "I think C will win the Golden Globe award. I think the top three Golden Globes will be C Ronaldo, Messi and Gregory saltzman. The Champions League and the Champions League is very important, so I think this is the year of C. He has a great personality and a desire for success. He is more strict with himself than anyone else. He always wanted to bring the best, demanding. All his teammates like him and respect him. I know that because I had a chance to play with him." Raul also praised C Ronaldo’s goal, "he each season scoring 50 goals, but I scored 20 goals were very difficult." Asensio, who is a newcomer to Real Madrid, said: "he has contributed a lot to the future and he has a bright future in the future," said Raul. He is very young, eager to play, he is now very good performance." A Spanish title, Raul said: "last year the three team to the final competition, hope this is true. The best team will win, and if it’s real, it’s better." I don’t ———————————————————- blindly under the ball! The official recommended your best football and basketball profit kill Zhuang group, and lead the group? God game player??, want to rush rich friends welcome to join, profit Shazhuang button group: 8388867 password: 18. Subscription [WeChat] on Yum ball Huang public number: baishengball, daily send free analysis recommended! ———————————————————