57The 8 game of the bison to go to the 5 balls are really spell! So hard to really appreciate the fore|The 8 game of the bison to go to the 5 balls are really spell! So hard to really appreciate the fore5

The 8 game of the bison to go to the 5 balls are really spell! So hard to really cherish the Savior of Chinese foreign aid buffalo draw Lifan sina sports Kung Fu people! With Alois Theo won and personally scored the penalty, Hebei Huaxia happiness home court 1-1 draw with Chongqing lifan. Although suffered 6 rounds extremely, but if there is no Alois Theo, Hebei Huaxia happiness may be in the home court even a draw out. On the pitch, Alois Theo the total devotion and hard work was impressive, the game can still fight to grab. Theo joined the Hebei China happy since the 8 appearances of the game into the 5 ball, reflecting the value of their own, such as the high quality of foreign aid should be cherished! In this game, Hebei Huaxia happiness more than the main players suspended, especially the defense is difficult, the strength of severely damaged, attack on the main burden falls on the shoulders of Alois Theo. From the beginning of the game first minutes, Alois Theo showed a strong desire to win. Every challenge, Alois Theo are best. Especially in the last twenty minutes of the match, Alois Theo caused a great threat to Chongqing Lifan’s defence. Sixty-fifth minutes, Kardec header, scored a goal for Chongqing lifan. 0-1 backward Hebei China happiness need someone to stand out, in the offensive end harvest. Seventy-second minutes, Alois Theo in the box in the right hook shot, the ball slightly on the left side post, a Hebei Huaxia happiness score. Everything comes to him who waits。 Seventy-fifth minutes, Hebei Huaxia happiness finally came! Ding Jie fell in the penalty area Alois Theo pulled, the referee penalty. Alois Theo scoring a penalty, the court rewrite the score 1-1. When it comes to Alois Theo’s performance, the former striker Xu Yang said: "no matter what the score leading or lagging behind, he never gave up his spirit, always. The buffalo is working very hard. He’s on the court, the spirit, the spirit, the team needs such players." Although Alois Theo did not help Hebei Huaxia happiness but the players turn the tide, in accordance with the game that can be used to draw 1-1 with Chongqing Lifan home court is a more reasonable results, after all, Hebei Huaxia happiness back a lot of pressure on the offensive, do not gamble. In this game, Alois Theo shot 6 times, two times hit in the door frame, scored 1 goals. Although the Shandong Luneng team history the most goals of foreign aid, but this year, Shandong Luneng did not retain Alois Theo. This summer, Alois Theo joined from Shandong Luneng Hebei Huaxia happiness, leaving his first super station. In some people, Alois Theo is coming, after all, Hebei Huaxia happiness facing large foreign aid injuries tide, and Alois Theo not big foreign aid. However, from the actual performance, Alois Theo is on the pitch of the model workers, to fight to get to shoot, Hebei Huaxia happiness made 8 appearances and scored 5 goals. If you do not have these 5 goals, Hebei China happiness in the near future will be even worse. Although the efficiency with the Super League last season 28 Games 22 goals to win the golden boot when compared to a certain gap, but compared to the first half of the season on behalf of)