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"Idiotic" poster released the final & powder; powder mentality – Sohu notice muckraking entertainment "idiotic powder" the ultimate poster fans high riff, tears appear before the idol in prison, GAURAV pain started Sohu entertainment news film "idiotic Heihua powder" the upcoming November 2nd National release. This suspense action movie by "king of Bollywood" – a man as Shahrukh Khan two protagonists, between small and big star tells fans love into hate, not to destroy his tragic story, today released the Ultimate Movie Trailer and posters, mentality of secret fans crazy blackened, a sigh but can’t help reflect the advantages and disadvantages of fan culture. A "five minutes" led to the massacre, determined to destroy the idols for the ultimate black fans notice two and a half piece in the first half, the focus on the performance of the small fan of childhood obsession, love star Arian, all to imitate his manners, modeled after contest winners in a star, he decided to re take the idol the road to the good news and the worship of his share. Who knows what he sees but simple desire not only failed to achieve, but because he shot lessons from another star of the idol is that make impertinent remarks, Arrian, very angry, then taught him a lesson, he rebuked "not my fans," can not get out of my own life even 5 seconds and GAURAV share. Because Arrian arrogance, deeply hurt the fans GAURAV fragile souls, that he completely from pink to black, is the so-called natural black powder to the depths, GAURAV decided to use their own way, let the fans can understand Arrian, achievement of idol, can also destroy the idols. Thus, GAURAV launched a series of crazy destruction. "King of Bollywood" acting for praise, "idiotic powder" reflection idol and fans if not informed in advance, it is very difficult to imagine, "idiotic powder" in the small and big star idol fans GAURAV Arian, is played by the same actor. With the help of the Hollywood team carefully crafted special effects makeup and computer CGI technology, "king of Bollywood" Shahrukh Khan – who played horns, not only face, was greatly different, walking pace and micro expressions, have completely different design and interpretation. Who has won eight India best actor award in the film – Shahrukh Khan to show his superb acting, left and Bo, received recognition and praise all the audience. In addition, a "idiotic powder" in-depth discussion on advantages and disadvantages of fan culture, from the aspects of idol and fans mentality, profound reflection. Gaurav crazy fans, but also inevitably fall into the whirlpool of human nature selfish, unable to extricate themselves, paranoid behavior, has seriously affected the idol’s life, and even social security, causing great harm. On the other hand, the idol of the fans aryen self-willed, pay that for granted, although for the protection of the self, the attitude of the family, has taken the approach is correct, this can be reconciled with the fans staged a show to the satisfaction of all win, but because both sides lead to paranoia, eventually led to a tragedy. With a deep sense of social responsibility – from their own experience of Shahrukh khan!相关的主题文章: