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McDull original author Alice Mak: everyone’s favorite is the power of my creation – the interaction between China and the fans of the new network Alice Mak. Li Meng photo Beijing, September 8 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Li Meng) today, the film "McDull" premiere and Jones? Rice treasure film event held in Beijing, the original author Bilai Mak McDull story to the scene and the audience interaction, and share the feelings of the creation of new works. McDull created by Alice Mak over the years has been the favorite of countless fans, the 2001 release of the film "McDull story" is a classic in the minds of a generation. Today, McDull McDull "and a new meal? Treasure Raiders" to meet with you this time, McDull turned to save the earth to complete the super hero, myself and all the children of common "monsters" dream. Alice Mak said at the event, today is the first time that McDull fans called the "bag powder", "I live in a house, came to Beijing two years ago, see everyone’s love McDull, so I created is also very dynamic". Talk about the film’s highlights, Alice Mak said want to seek a breakthrough, "in this movie, design style, plot and characters have been improved, in addition to retain the popular character and style, also added more vivid images and more simple and direct plot, more user-friendly, is the young and old", and she also lamented the animation "very terrible", "90 minutes of the film, the team spent two years to polish each detail, but also let the team feel fresh is added to the new characters and the plot". Activity site. Photo by Li Meng interactive link, a 10 year love McDull fans on stage, Alice Mak flowers, she said: "every movie McDull has moved, the beginning is very funny, but very touched. Classic plot I can back down and enjoy them." Was asked to write a paragraph to promote the film, ineloquent Mak Bitan rate said, "not smart thing is propaganda for me. Only hope that everyone to support, I will have the power to the next creation". It is reported that the film "McDull" Jones treasure? Meal will be 10 days, 11 days in the large area point, September 15th officially released. (end)相关的主题文章: