The netizen heated discussion of full time Hunter will replace the king of Voyage as Ding Liangzhu-pp点点通2006

Hot friends "Hunter" will replace the "Sea King" become the mainstay "weekly Shonen JUMP" is an excellent comic magazine, the "Sea King" "Naruto" "death" is China exit · circle fans called the three man of migrant workers. But with the completion of Naruto and death ·, fans can’t help wondering why the weekly JUMP is going to maintain the leading position of the comic magazine. Recently, some Japanese netizens believe that full time hunters will be the hope of the weekly juvenile JUMP. "Full time Hunter" is a comic book by Japanese cartoonist Yoshihiro Togashi. Since 1998, the Japanese comic magazine "weekly juvenile Jump" is unregularly serialized. I don’t know Yoshihiro Togashi old wet will play mahjong manga when flyback, but many fans still very optimistic about the potential of "Hunter". A Japanese netizen has recently put the results of the manga magazine’s popularity on the Internet, which has attracted the attention of the public and many Internet users. In the picture, we can see the largest number of weekly juvenile JUMP, and the full time hunters are most popular in their works. So it seems that "full time hunters" can certainly be the future hope of the magazine. But with the emergence of other excellent magazines, JUMP, a weekly teenager, wants to keep the status of the old and still need to continue to work hard. Let’s take a look at the views of other netizens. "No cartoons can surpass the three big migrant workers, so" weekly juvenile JUMP "eat jujube pills." "Want to" Hunter "prop up the place, the key is Yoshihiro Togashi needs to come back to work." "Be rich and old, don’t beat mahjong again!" "JUMP" needs you! " Can not always rest on our laurels, or have new works for." "Weekly Shonen JUMP" issued by the Japanese Shueisha, Japan is currently the highest circulation in comic strip magazine, Japan ranked three weekly youth comics magazine first. There have been a lot of excellent comic books in the weekly teenager JUMP. Take action to publish the works and insurance category mainly has the fantasy flavor, and deliberately individuality, the pursuit of the plot of the The path winds along mountain ridges. There are also some works of love, sports and historical themes. Most of the characters are beautiful, so they also have a large number of young readers.

網友熱議《全職獵人》將代替《航海王》成為頂梁柱《周刊少年JUMP》是一本優秀的漫畫雜志,其中《航海王》《火影忍者》《死神 境·界》被中國粉絲們稱為三大民工漫。但隨著《火影忍者》和《死神 境·界》的完結,粉絲們不禁產生了疑惑,《周刊少年JUMP》要如何維持漫畫雜志之首的地位。近日有日本網友認為《全職獵人》將成為《周刊少年JUMP》的希望。 《全職獵人》是日本漫畫傢富堅義博的一部漫畫作品。該作於1998年起在日本漫畫雜志《周刊少年Jump》不定期連載。雖然不知道富堅義博老濕會在何時打完麻將回掃漫畫創作,但不少粉絲們還是挺看好《全職獵人》的潛力。近日一位日本網友就把漫畫雜志的人氣統計結果放到了網上,這引來了大眾多網友的關注。在圖中我們可以看見《周刊少年JUMP》的發行數量最多,而旂下作品中《全職獵人》的人氣最高。如此看來《全職獵人》的確有可能成為該雜志的未來希望。不過伴隨著其他優秀雜志的異軍突起,《周刊少年JUMP》想要保住老大地位,還需要繼續努力。 對此我們再來看看其他網友的看法吧。“沒有什麼漫畫作品能超越三大民工漫,所以《周刊少年JUMP》吃棗藥丸。”“想要《全職獵人》撐起場子,關鍵是富堅義博需要回來繼續創作。”“富堅老濕別再打麻將啦!《JUMP》需要你!”“不能總吃老本,還是要有新作品才行。”《周刊少年JUMP》由日本集英社發行,目前為日本發行量最高的連載漫畫雜志,位列日本三大周刊少年漫畫雜志之首。《周刊少年JUMP》上曾連載過非常多優秀的漫畫作品。刊載作品以動作冒嶮類為主,多帶有幻想味道,並刻意張揚個性,追求情節的峰回路轉。其中也有部分戀愛、運動及歷史題材的作品。多數作品人物造型唯美,因此亦擁有大量少女讀者。相关的主题文章: