56Rushing over the race the situation in the Yellow Sea the most favorable right to health PK wisdom Y|Rushing over the race the situation in the Yellow Sea the most favorable right to health PK wisdom Y4

Chongchao schedule: the most favorable situation in the Yellow Sea right to health PK Zhicheng welcome death battle – Sports Sohu   Qingdao the Yellow Sea (53) Tianjin Health Authority (50) Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng (50) and Beijing (45 points) the twenty-seventh round of the Shanghai Shen Xin (guest) Dalian Party (main) in Beijing and (main) Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng (off) the twenty-eighth round of the Wuhan zall (guest) Xinjiang snow leopard (passenger) Dalian Party (guest) Meizhou Hakka (main) twenty-ninth round of Beijing and Guizhou (main) Hengfeng Zhicheng (guest) right to health in Tianjin (main) Qingdao the Yellow Sea (off) the thirtieth round of the Dalian a party (guest) Meizhou Hakka (main) Xinjiang snow leopard (passenger) Zhejiang Yi Teng (main) in a league zhanba 26, Chongchao situation is still whirling. Qingdao the Yellow Sea with a derby victory, leapt to the top of the table in the lead, the right to health in Tianjin Chongchao war beat Beijing and, depending on the outcome of the relationship between the advantage, Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng the overwhelming defeat, leapt to the second. In a 4 strong who can Chongchao, is also quite P. Because the Hengfeng Zhicheng shock lose, make the Yellow Sea can finally alone in the lead. The last 4 games, the Yellow Sea is facing the main race of the 3 passengers, which is the same as the blunt direct competitors and home combat, which will be the advantage of the Yellow Sea. Taking into account the people and has lagged behind the area 5 points, the twenty-ninth round can continue to keep up hope really hard to say. One is in a state of no desire, no more than the theoretical possibility. Because can be left behind in the relegation legion, Shen Xin and drow has also been greatly alleviate the pressure of their own, no need to fight for the Yellow Sea. The Yellow Sea regardless of the situation or schedule occupy an absolute advantage, the current situation is the best. The right to health in the super critical battle, win the people, with the outcome of the relationship between overwhelming Hengfeng Zhicheng in second place. For the right to health, the most important is the twenty-ninth round away against Hengfeng Zhicheng battle, or this will directly determine the quota Chongchao ownership. For the right to health, it is quite favorable, the remaining three opponents, a snow leopard and no desire for Hakka, it is difficult to give the right to health threat, the right to health Chongchao is quite optimistic about the situation. Hengfeng Zhicheng was upset loss to the drow, which also makes the team Chongchao in a passive situation. 2 Hengfeng Zhicheng home court is facing a severe test, respectively against two Chongchao direct competitors and people the right to health. The 2 game for Hengfeng Zhicheng, can not lose, at least not is the bottom line. 2 away face on one side and the snow leopard Wuyuwuqiu, or to give them trouble. And in the current round of Chongchao key battle, the road to the right to health, which led them to have left behind. In the league is only the 4 round of the case, still behind the blunt zone 5 points, chao chao’s initiative is not in their hands. 2 of them away in the face of Chongchao direct competitor Hengfeng Zhicheng and the Yellow Sea, called the devil race. And for people, but to achieve victory, there is a slim chance of survival Chongchao. In a relegation situation gradually clear, Xiang Tao has been ahead of falls into the B. At present, the second places are likely to downgrade the most likely to be able to