56Fukuhara Aiko married Liu Guoliang honji held new network conference – Deng Ya Ping send blessings|Fukuhara Aiko married Liu Guoliang honji held new network conference – Deng Ya Ping send blessings4

Fukuhara Aiko married Liu Guoliang Deng Ya Ping honji held a conference to send a blessing – Beijing Fukuhara Aiko honji wedding in the end love river conference yesterday morning, Ai Fukuhara and Jiang Hongjie’s table tennis fan favorite wedding conference in Tokyo. Fukuhara Ai kimono appearance, and then use the Japanese to say hello to everyone, Jiang Hongjie. Filled with happy Ai Fukuhara said, got the support of her husband Jiang Hongjie, after marriage will continue to fight, and eager to stand on the Tokyo Olympic games. Fukuhara Ai kimono unveiled yesterday’s press conference site, is the first time since the debut of the media in the presence of the media, since the fall of love with Ai Fukuhara and the first time since the fall of the first time since. Ai Fukuhara announced the marriage hearing in Japanese, and formally introduced her husband, Jiang Hongjie. As for why wear kimono appearance, Ai Fukuhara explained: this means that I will not forget that I was born in Japan, although I married to Taiwan, China, will still take into account the feelings of Japanese fans." In order to please the laozhangren, Jiang Hongjie told the reporters present in Japanese. Jiang Hongjie later said with a smile, before their repeated the exercise several times, each time the tension to the wrong, unexpectedly came to power after a word is not wrong, but also let him a false alarm. The two men met fell in love, Ai Fukuhara said, the spring of 2015 the most difficult days of injury, Jiang Hongjie gave her meticulous care and care, is Jiang Hongjie’s careful and inclusive attracted Ai Fukuhara and Jiang honji began formal communication. The conference site, the most exciting moment is Jiang Hongjie Ai Fukuhara wear ring moment. It is reported that, in order to customize this one proposal ring, Jiang Hongjie spent the final design by his own mind. In the design of the ring, Jiang Hongjie first thought is the thought of table tennis, so he joined the concept of table tennis. "Table tennis (table tennis) is a small and I love the way of life, is of great significance for the custom ring, is also a symbol of our love, but also let us two reasons to conclude marriage." Jiang Hongjie sighed with emotion. "Of course, I like the ring because I like it very much." When Jiang Hongjie was wearing a ring for Ai Fukuhara, he said sweetly. After the marriage is eager to continue to play the 27 year old Ai Fukuhara, will continue to play table tennis after marriage? In this regard, her fans love to eat the reassurance to Ai Fukuhara at the press conference. "He (Jiang Hongjie) said, no matter what kind of choice I have, he will support me. As a player, I am proud to continue to represent Japan in international competitions." In Ai Fukuhara’s schedule, the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, she is very eager to play, but also she continues to work hard. Ai Fukuhara admitted that, in general, female athletes continue to play after marriage rarely, if you can support people around, I think it may not have to give up the dream, but also continue to work hard. In the future I will work hard, let younger players see "Fuyuan married can continue to play."". At the same time, Ai Fukuhara said, playing table tennis for 24 years, table tennis is her center of gravity, now married, a new family, but not to the family and husband and wife, because he (Jiang Min)