56Asia Pacific amateur champion wants to give up the two grand slam only to qualify for the United Sta|Asia Pacific amateur champion wants to give up the two grand slam only to qualify for the United Sta3

The Asia Pacific amateur champion to give up only to fight the two grand slam tour qualification of sina sports Beijing on November 16th news, remember the Asia Pacific Championship amateur championship on the Australian golfer Curtis Clark (Curtis Luck)? Australia ranked first, amateur players are likely to give up next year in the U.S. Open and British open competition opportunities, then staged Grand Slam debut in the U.S. Masters, immediately into occupation player. Curtis is currently ranked second in the World Amateur Clark, Australia has the opportunity to become a new generation of stars. He has three games in the next Grand Slam in, but he said it is likely to give up two of them, in order to win the 2018 U.S. tour card. "Over the past two months, I feel like I’m ready to become a professional player, plus the experience I will have in the next 5 or 6 months," he said…… I think it will further enhance my skills, "Curtis – Iraq in preparation for the Australian Open debut said," at the moment I wasn’t sure if I want to use the British Open and the U.S. Open Competition exemption, because before that, I may turn to grasp some occupation, I can get the beauty tour the opportunity. Some people don’t understand why I missed the chance. "But for me, I feel I talked with some of the players, with some I value a man whose opinion talked — they say no matter what choice you make, you must be confident you can play well, then you have to go through qualification school, the road was selected. "Once April comes, I’m sure I’m ready for a career change." He wanted to transfer Curtis occupation in the United States masters, surprisingly Frank La just met this week two big players – the two Grand Slam champion Jordan Spieth and the US Open champion Geoff Ogilvy, said before the game to win the Australian amateur national championship is not surprising. "They have won a professional game last year," Jordan – Spieth said. You put a ‘a’ word next to his name, just means they can’t get the bonus – they’re not the difference in performance. "If Curtis entered the race and I certainly don’t think it is xiantingxinbu. I don’t think he’ll be fearless when he plays, he’s going to be harder to deal with." Perth produced 20 players won the U.S. amateur championship and Asian Amateur Championship two amateur championship this year, this let him have the opportunity to participate in the next year in addition to the PGA Championship all tournament repeatedly with Jensen dey, Jordan – Spieth, Adam – Scott and other superstars in the world against. But peace of mind and Curtis – Iraq has turned to the bigger, never regret to give up before and after the interval of one month al steward (Erin  Hills) and the Royal Burke DELL, decided early to enter the circle of occupation. "No matter how you look at it, I basically support they will get a good career, the future can play many Grand Slam tournament," Curtis -)