55Three 8+6 James slow Don’t panic! That 11+5 is the real him.|Three 8+6 James slow Don’t panic! That 11+5 is the real him.4

Three 8+6 James slow? Don’t panic! This is the real 11+5 he is the most know what time the force of the sina sports news Beijing time on November 14th, Cleveland in the home court with a 100-93 win over Sherlock Hornets, Knight star Lebron – James first played 39 minutes, 21 throw in 8, scored 19 points and 8 rebounds and 8 assists. And 1 steals and 1 blocks. Recently, James completed an important milestone in his career, he surpassed the retired Kobe, and became the youngest in the history of NBA 27000 points. At the same time, the authority of sports media in the United States top players list, James for six consecutive years ranked first NBA. In this regard, James’s response is: This shows that people respect my game and I am on the pitch stable performance." Indeed, stable, or comprehensive, the outside world is described as the most frequently used word in James’s style of play. Just as James, who has been in the top ten of his career in the history of NBA, has repeatedly stressed that he is not a scorer, and in many cases, James has not relied on scoring to solve the game. Today the knight facing east crack wasp, James’s shooting is not good, the entire first half, he not only 2 of 8 shots, hit the three ball. On Loew and Erwin’s attack, Knight played in the first half and the Hornets tied. From the game, James today is too dependent on the jump, but the feeling is really not good, even in the third quarter, James still feel not found, after the three, he was 15 for only 4, only 8 points and 6 rebounds and 3 assists. Although James in some games will indeed slow state, or that this is one of his "health basketball" strategy, but today he is on the offensive end state is too slow. Of course, the Hornets and defensive intensity of James, Hornets coach Clifford is a coach on defense, today the main anti James Hornets is their best striker defender MKG. But if you want to defend James, it’s not likely. The key to the fourth quarter, James finally state to pick up, he no longer obsessed with the jump, but began frequently hit the basket. In addition, he repeatedly assists Frye hit three points, and the knight gradually expand the lead. Defensive side, James is also very active, and in the basket under the cover of the Hornets born striker Kaminski shot. Most importantly, James’s outside shooting in the fourth quarter also opened, this day, he scored 2 three pointers, including three pointer with 42 seconds left in the fourth quarter of the game locked. In the first three of the poor state of the case, James in the fourth quarter of 6 to 4, 11 points, with 5 assists and 2 rebounds, and the end of the game for the Cavaliers, which once again shows a superstar and leader style. (Rosen)