55Do not defeat Alan Ding Junhui amused the audience laugh with give dying kicks|Do not defeat Alan Ding Junhui amused the audience laugh with give dying kicks1

Do not concede? Alan Ding Junhui made the audience laugh laugh give dying kicks Alan lost the sina sports news Beijing time on the night of September 22nd, a focus of the war the Shanghai Masters Snooker Tournament second round, Ding Junhui 5-2 win over Mark Alan, successfully advance to the quarterfinals. Because Alan had previously complained that Ding Junhui’s crown crown qualifications, and said with confidence to defeat Ding Junhui, let it play even more spectacle. The Alan caught Ding Junhui’s blunder won the first 1 games, people can not help but to small Hui Nie bahan. But then Ding Junhui shows that worry is unnecessary, winning 4 games 4-1 to get match point. Although the sixth game and the seventh game and mistakes, or easy to beat Alan 5-2. The seventh inning ended up with an episode. Hit the ball stage Ding Junhui has led 72-36 super 9 points, Alan did not give up. Then Ding Junhui scored the yellow ball, 74-36 has exceeded 13 points, unexpected is that, Alan still did not give up. Go up shots of Ding Junhui joked with the scene set the whole room roaring with laughter. CCTV commentary Zhou Yingjie also said with a smile: Alan will not admit defeat." Guest Xu Xinjian also quipped: "anyway, go back to nothing, let me call two bar." Obviously Alan was symbolically hit a few shots, Ding Junhui then scored the ball to win one by one. In fact, Alan had not only for Ding Junhui, said the intention is set to the crown crown tournament, Ding Junhui was runner up with finalists, fair. He also admitted that Ding Junhui won 6 world championships when the red ball is a qualified right and proper. The joke move can also see that Alan is such a straightforward. Just do not know such a big mouth, the future will not cause more trouble. (new body)