Lol6.18 version of the champion series of skin exposure for faker production rewrite攻略�

LOL6.18 version of the championship series. Skin exposure made for Faker in the 6.18 version of the test of a new skin, the shadow of the championship series champion rob, this has always been behind the game player favorite assassin hero actually has an interesting story of creation. Designer Pabro in the North American Forum revealed that this skin is designed for the Faker, 2013 OGN finals in the summer of the two final showdown is too wonderful. "Hello, I am a hero alliance personalized team Pabro, here today to talk to you about us in the 6.18 version will be on the world game related skin, Summoner avatar and other good stuff to change. We are excited to be here with you to celebrate the 2016 world finals, and we will give you more features to show you your support for the team in the game. First of all, we will bring back to the global finals of the summoner avatar as well as the temporary display team icon function. You can buy and put on your favorite team’s Avatar, and show the team’s icon to show your love for the team. This year, you can also upgrade the clan icon third levels to show your dedication to them. Each level of the summoner avatar and clan icons have different borders, but also the last level has a unique sound and special effects to the team! We will release more details about how to upgrade the system later, but now feel comfortable with your favorite team in the test suite! Note: if you do not support the team into the finals, they will not appear in the official service, there will be no more of those features. So lend them your power! Secondly, we will add some extra art to the canyon to commemorate the global finals. In each game, the map will have a special texture banner to enhance the spirit of the world cup. Last but not least, we are happy to share some of the new skin messages with you! We were excited to announce the new series champion rob skin, since a single player Faker and Ryu in the famous Ninja war, we have been waiting for the launch of the championship series. The skin, let the hero shine. Go on a journey with him and let us know how he feels! In addition, we will also re sale champion blade riven, US championship series of the first skin, we know that this is a long-awaited, so please look forward to further the latest news. Related news: LOL extraordinary master players will be lost to the first national costume king of the king of glory glory S5 skin exposure 6 models of the new skin is not aggregated LOL dig the tomb of the re completion of the new skills and new models to do the first exposure exposure! Tencent Web Games open service table passion on-line! The name of the game more open service operators to address Wei Fan world 21:00 602 game Legend br 21:00 8090 game battle martial arts 21:00 37 game magic throne 22:00 cool blue network Valkyrie Zhao Wang相关的主题文章: