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A person from the media "hit" Chengmai mid autumn festival experience a sense of – Sohu is honored as "tourism 2016 new media Chengmai hit by one of the solicitation activities, as people from the media, standing at a point with the lives of ordinary people and the media to the feelings of Chengmai County, the township health hundred days of fighting the results of double. In the morning of September 14th at 7:30 in the morning, follow the "big coffee were set from the Haikou gold Hainan daily entrance, after 1 hours by bus to Chengmai Jin Jiang Chang Sheng hotel. At 9 o’clock the ceremony officially began, Mr Chengmai County standing committee, propaganda minister Zhou Zhonghua on behalf of the Chengmai County, new media representatives, Hainan daily new media director Chu Yu representatives to participate in the activities of the new media editors speech. Zhou Zhonghua said in his speech, in recent years, with the opening up of Chengmai and the acceleration of the construction of new urbanization process, the people to improve the living environment, improve the quality of life is more and more urgent. Chengmai is one of the highest per capita life expectancy in Hainan County, the average life expectancy of 75.3 years old, more than the national average of 3.3 years. In 2009 March, Chengmai county official to declare "Chinese Chinese Gerontological Society of longevity". Chengmai county north of the Qiongzhou Strait coastal seaside scenery Yi Li, Elizabeth water, environmental protection intact, is to open up the Seaside Tourism Resort Gold zone. Chengmai situation, conform to the voice of the people, began to research the "double" from the end of last year, in June of this year officially started, the county government to create a national health county and the creation of provincial civilized city as a major deployment, as the important measure to improve the quality of civilization County, improve the investment environment, fully started the "double" campaign. After three months of hard work, the county entered the "double" mode, full launch, public participation. The county Party members and cadres and the community fully carry forward the "day to relax" spirit, promote Chengmai county city landscape smoothly through unannounced visits to take on an altogether new aspect, aiweihui province assessment, to achieve the "double" work won the first battle, to the city civilization construction to promote significant effect. Chengmai County by inviting new media V, the public number of well-known reporter editors to participate in management work, is to show everyone with sweat and effort made actions achieved with an open media view, and will continue to consolidate the persistence of "double hundred days" results, "hit the final victory, the removal of solid gold lay foundation. Chu Yu said in his speech, the new media, such as media, public, micro-blog, WeChat, the client from the media, community networks, in the broad masses of the people in daily life has become an indispensable social tool, more and more people get information through new media, and many provinces and regions of the highlight of the work, and now more and more through new media channels for the correct sound". At 9:15, the "double" forum, Chengmai county is responsible for the management of the county propaganda department and county urban management, traffic police, sanitation, civilization, love health office and other six major departments and new media to discussion, the competent department for new media briefing on the working development experience, new media editors also free to ask, warm atmosphere of the scene. I相关的主题文章: