Haikou Guoxing Avenue West today at 7 points to capture cross line optimization 1926年属相�

Haikou Guoxing Avenue West today since 7 optimization adjustment across the South China Sea, the South China Sea line points to capture the network client Haikou September 17th news (South China Sea network reporter Chen Lina) to further standardize the State Road traffic order to ease the morning and evening peak traffic pressure along the convenient unit, recently, Haikou City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment on Western Avenue (Guoxing haixiu landing point to British Shanxi Expressway road three) to optimize the traffic organization, and trial operation in September 18, 2016 as early as 7, please passing vehicles traveling by traffic signs, marking instructions. The four Shanxi road and Hing Road intersection Optimization: 1, Shita Haixiu Lane Expressway and long Kunlun Road, turn right to Hing Road lanes with a guardrail physical isolation; 2, the opening of the intersection signal control, from the original three lanes south of imports increased to four, can turn left; turn left straight north to ban imports turn right, only allow (signal lamp control); 3, haixiu West mainline traffic through the Shanxi West Road four directly accessible U-turn; North West traffic along a straight line detour route choice; 4, dragon Kunlun Road, turn right into the road traffic through Guoxing Avenue West bypass regional road turn left turn, by interleaving interference with the elimination of the mainline traffic flow. Guoxing Avenue and three British Shanxi Road intersection Optimization: 1, cancel the import of imported western West turn, set 2 left turn lane; 2, in the four Shanxi road to the Shanxi road three fifth sixth Lane delimit lines and a false alarm, prohibit the car outside of the road to turn left, 3 increase of rheology; South import left turn lanes.相关的主题文章: