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Not your own bank card in Guangzhou have received information from man times news (reporter Luo Yanghui) "is not my bank card, mobile phone is often get sent to the bank withdrawals, transfers, chargeback SMS, too annoying." Yesterday, members of the public to reflect the reporter Lee, suspect he encountered a new fraud. The series received a strange bank debit card information yesterday morning, the reporter saw Mr. li. Mr. Li said, in August 17th, his mobile phone suddenly received a notice of the balance of treasure bank SMS, tail number 6271 bank card withdrawals 100 yuan, after a few seconds, the 100 yuan in the ATM machine is taken after his mobile phone and received a tail number 8571 bank card debit card information, but the two are not his. This makes Mr. Lee was shocked, he had only one of the bank’s savings card, in April this year just do, the tail number is 1829. Lee immediately went to the bank to check and found that his card did not reduce the money. The strange thing is, these two cards, debit transfer operation mode and amount, with his own very similar. This month, every few days he will receive such a message. Yesterday, Mr. Lee came to someone’s Bank, the bank does not know how. The bank said that my cell phone number may have been used by others, no binding. Now only to cancel the SMS notification, but the deduction of property charges, electricity, etc., I need a text message notification." Mr Li met new suspected fraud, so he called the police. Bank: the reason is still in the investigation yesterday, the reporter called the people’s Bank of Guangdong branch, the relevant responsible person replied that they attach great importance to the matter, to speed up the contact with the head office for verification. The investigation, to the 8571 and 6271 tail number debit card transaction information of the mobile phone number to send Mr. Lee the record does not exist in the system, the mobile phone number did not sign the savings card. Because these two savings card number is not complete, the bank failed to query these two cards corresponding to the actual number of mobile phones signed. The responsible person, they analyzed the possibilities: first, possible pseudo base station transmitting the counterfeit bank hotline information; second, the mobile phone number, there may be "a card number". They said Mr. Lee’s understanding of the problem, is still investigating whether there are other possibilities. (material person: Mr. a prize 60 yuan) (Information Times)相关的主题文章: