The first two sides of the Strait of Changsha Fair opened in November 18th for 3 days foxpro6.0免费下载

The first cross-strait Changsha power Expo opened in November 18th 3 day press conference this morning, the 2016 cross-strait electronic information Expo (Changsha) held a press conference, then, with "intelligent manufacturing integration and innovation of green development" as the theme of the first session of the two bank (Changsha) electronic information Expo will be held on November 18th – 20 days in Changsha International Convention and Exhibition center. It is understood that the current Fair held a total of 500 standard booths, when there will be more than and 200 exhibitors from Taiwan. Deputy Secretary General of the Municipal People’s government Changsha long Wang Tize, Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department, municipal affairs office director Yuan Yi and Changsha, opened by the district Party Working Committee, spokesman Wang Weiqian, Taiwan Electric Power Association Deputy Secretary General Luo Huaijia attended the press conference. At the meeting, Wang Tize, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government introduced the first cross-strait (Changsha) electricity fair related. The theme is bright, the scale is big, the bright spot." He said the current Fair will show three highlights, that is, the top of the electronic information industry event, the most open platform for the collision of ideas, the most comprehensive ecological display of electronic information." The Changsha electric fair by the Hunan Provincial Committee, provincial Commission by letter, the Provincial Department of Commerce, Changsha jointly organized by the Municipal People’s government, Changsha CMC, City Economic and Technological Development Zone, Taiwan Taiwan Electrical and electronic industry association contractors, to further promote the development of electronic information industry Changsha, and strengthen Taiwan’s economic and trade exchanges. Build long Taiwan regional industrial cooperation platform, accelerate industrial restructuring and upgrading Changsha. It is understood that the fair has a total of 500 standard booths, including Taiwan, overseas enterprises set up 300 booths, land owned enterprises set up 200 booths, the main layout of the Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center on the first floor of W2. The special and Theme Pavilion, and to "robotics and intelligent equipment, new energy and energy saving and environmental protection, components and electronic information technology, information communication and cloud applications, intelligent life and consumer electronics area and the five theme pavilions show. Electronic information industry is one of the pillar industries in Changsha, is an important force of steady growth, is the focus of intelligent manufacturing. Data show that from 1 to September Changsha electronic information manufacturing industry scale industrial output value of 105 billion 752 million yuan, an increase of 9.7%; among them, Changsha through the open area above the scale of electronic information industry total industrial output value of 22 billion 240 million yuan, an increase of 34.9%, blue Synopsys output value of 14 billion 220 million yuan, up 18.1%. Changsha’s regional transportation advantages and the advantages of industrial clusters in Hunan, is an important reason for the current fair settled in Changsha." Taiwan electrical and Electronics Industry Association Deputy Secretary General Luo Huaijia said, hope that through this platform, the electronic information industry in Taiwan and Hunan as well as the Changsha billion industry cluster advantages combine to develop mutually beneficial. In Changsha through the open area, construction machinery, automobile and parts and electronic information is the three leading industries. As one of the three driving forces of economic development, the electronic information industry has been playing a very important role. In recent years, the park with blue Synopsys as the representative of the electronic information industry has achieved rapid development, the emergence of blue Synopsys, the Great Wall, SembCorp information dimension.相关的主题文章: