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Play the trick of a thief crying "stop thief! Japanese teachers candid camera dressing room also pretend to catch the prisoners because of the magic of the 11 areas there is always a lot of reason for the gentleman, so the teacher candid locker room such events are frequently exposed by the Japanese media. And recently, another incident took place. But let a person feel like to Tucao lies in: the prisoner is still there zeihanzhuozei. According to the Saitama police briefing, the 52 year old teacher suspected in his school (junior middle school) the locker room placed on the mobile phone. And he himself admitted that his purpose was to. In fact, he is also a student director, in September 8th before class, a girl found a cell phone, and report to the teacher. At that time the prisoner poker-faced said: "give me!" "I want to protect the school!" And destroyed the mobile phone, staged a zeihanzhuozei farce. In this regard, a lot of Japanese users Tucao said: too many slots do not know how to say……" Candid camera junior high school students in the end what fun?" "Can feel the campus version of the" smelly "." So for this message, you are the fans how to see it?相关的主题文章: