The lunar calendar in September 8th started to translate into real master Kumarajiva theory 姉summer

The lunar calendar in September 8th started to translate into real master Kumarajiva "theory" into "real theory". (source: Hui Hai Buddhist Library) in October 8, 2016, September 8th of the lunar calendar, "the real theory" was the anniversary of translation. "The real theory", a total of sixteen volumes (or twenty volumes), and "honest theory", the ancient India harivarman, fundamental classical real cases. "Real" is "into the real truths.". "Real" on the distribution of poly, suffering together, truth, truth, and poly poly poly truth, a total of 202 products, indicating the presence of the universe phenomena are false no entity, eventually, in the air, but the view is that the solution is repaired as follows by the principle of eight to eliminate all the trouble cause finally, card into nirvana. "The real theory" not only important teachings of Buddhism school net, but also contains many Mahayana views; stand by the amount of the position of the Ministry, said the Ministry has explained all rejection. Therefore "real theory" in the history of Buddhism, is considered by the important works of Hinayana Mahayana sect to empty empty in the transition period. Since ancient times, the "real" on whether there is a debate or Hinayana Mahayana Liang, Daisan Archmage standing on the Lotus Sutra, the Prajna, Nirvana position determine this theory as the Mahayana theory, while Jiaxiang master jizang concludes that this theory as the theory of hinayana. In the northern and Southern Dynasties, once appeared to speak of "into the theory of reality," the school, and the formation of a real case. The book records, Yao Qin Hong in the Tripitaka master Kumarajiva thirteen years before the start in September 8th this year in September 15th fourteen on translation, translated into Tan, sundial recording. Kumarajiva (350 ~ 413), one of the four translators China Buddhist history, named Po Tong Shou Kumarajiva translation. Roathy father Tianzhu, a monk to Qiuci country, married in the king’s sister, what. Seven years old, what mother monk, traveled to the western regions, the total penetration of good books and mahayana. When in Qiuci, Qin Fu Jian Lu main Jianyuan nineteen years make light of Qiuci, and also won the. To Liangzhou, Wen Fu Jian Lu defeats, light independent. Subsequently, Qin Yao Xing of cool, Roche entered Changan. Yao Xingdai to purohita ceremony into Western Pavilion and carefree garden, the outstanding translation, translation and 380 volumes, Philip was eleven years died in Changan, when the Eastern Jin Dynasty Xining five years. Kumarajiva said: "my last message is infallible, a body, tongue not burnt." According to foreign law at liberty Park cremation, pay out form broken, not only the tongue of ash.相关的主题文章: