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People’s Daily published an article about the Bible reading: parents narrow ruin their youth – Sohu culture channel Zhang He people’s daily news in September 8th, spent 10 years of time to recite 30 words of Confucian classics, the even used the word is not complete, a composition of about eight hundred words and even lost the typo, reading interest severe mental disorders…… Recent media reports of juvenile reading experience triggered public concern. Only a short while ago, these out of the current education system of students and their parents are regarded as warriors, but the fact that this is a meaningless gambling, lost children’s precious youth, has created a number of mediocrity and waste. We cannot blame the students, after all, this is not their own choice, but we have to say, that children from normal education to parents reading to parents is narrow ruined children youth. Why say "reading classics" can only create mediocrity? This is because the "reading classics" fundamentally broke the rule of education, in violation of the laws of cognition, is doomed to failure. As advocate parents reading that the purpose of education is not only to master the basic knowledge of science and culture, is caused by the process of sound personality. But only by reciting the Confucian classics will be able to create a sound personality and cultivate sages? This is too naive. Man is a social animal, people learn by interacting with the same kind of things, far more than a simple school education. Although the current educational system has its drawbacks, the form of collective learning is in accordance with the law of human growth. Studies have shown that the greatest impact on children’s growth is not a school, not a family but a partner. But in "reading classics", the children were kept apart in the deep mountains and forests, every face is not lively companions, but a teacher and unintelligible prose. I do not know what is friendship, I do not know what the community, I do not know what is life, such education is not educating people but destroying people. Some people think that the ancients is reading, this is purely subjective conjecture, is typical of ignorance. Even in the era of Confucius, learning is based on collective learning, never out of life, from reality. "Into the ancestral temple, asked about everything." Confucius’s study is not limited to the ancient classics, and everything about real life he is curious. "Isn’t it a pleasure to study and learn?" Confucius advocated the unity of knowledge and practice. "Learning without thought is labor lost, thought without learning is perilous." Confucius put the hard thinking as academic standards. The whole of the "Analects of Confucius" where can find reading in motion, rote study behind closed doors? The process of learning is to temper, trial and error, failure, gain. Just reciting, especially under the premise of not understanding the content of the blind recitation, in fact, is a waste of time, because it does not meet the cognitive process of the human brain. There is no attempt, mistakes, failures, no experience of learning new things in the process of confusion, did not feel the excitement of mastering new skills, it is impossible to fall in love with learning. Learning is very exciting things, is full of fun, but "reading classics" of the study into the mechanical movement, away from the essence of mental activities. The boys lost interest in reading the Bible).相关的主题文章: