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Myolie Wu and her husband had not denied the affair to explain too much Myolie Wu Myolie Wu and her husband Philip Bobby Au-Yeung and happy couple celebrating the birthday of William So Sina entertainment news Beijing on September 30th news, according to Hongkong media reports, Myolie Wu and her husband Li Chengde (Philip) married for 9 months, however, there have been sweet love; Myolie Wu reported that two days ago to husband and wife at the movies, suddenly angry quarrel, Philip Myolie Wu chase to leave, before her husband happy. Myolie Wu last night (September 29th) to attend the make-up brand activities, well prepared, wearing black sexy low cut of her debut, before the visit said some of their disease. Speak less and do more to mention a fight with her husband, she said with Philip from dating to marriage has been very happy, some private things do not explain too much, the most important of her husband and family know. She also said that in the past the media sent a lot of cover and C1 headlines to them, to be strong to face. Myolie Wu explained that the day of the play, but she wanted to eat popcorn, her husband refers to her sick not to eat it, did not shoot anything, but become news. Reported that she chased out? She stressed that there was no matter. And reluctantly said media reports will make readers like said before for gospel truth, she was Poser drama "I have a date with spring" ciyan, did not expect a happy thing will turn out to be non. She reiterated the beginning only signed 5 games, then make the play to the end of March; in a word to speak less and do more, hope that taking over the Tavia Yeung play a good show. It has the right to refuse her husband accused the media of catharsis asked on the social networking website Philip wrote English long accused the media of Myolie Wu, protecting her husband: "my husband wrote something very sharp, he has his own thoughts and feelings, to express feelings, as the media have their own point of view we write, everyone has the freedom of speech. Do you agree with the media? I didn’t see what he wrote. He scolded the media trash, do you agree? I don’t think he will refer to all the media is rubbish, I believe he meant the paparazzi, or he thinks private life is violated. He is not a circle, do not need to think, but I’m doing this, he has a certain degree of tolerance a lot, he has the right to vent discontent, everyone a fair bit." Marry the exit difficult husband Myolie Wu dissatisfaction with the media, she will marry the exit? Myolie Wu said: "if one day I have such ability…… But do this forever in this line, it is difficult to say out." Philip is the principle of non hot Myolie Wu husband incompatible with the media, Myolie Wu think that the media not too much arbitrary slander, hope that we respect each other. There is mention of her engagement party that night, Philip car crashed into the media? Myolie Wu retorted: "he stared driving? There may be a lot of misunderstanding." Her husband is not very hot person, have their own principles. (Ying Ying)相关的主题文章: