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The illegal acquisition of wild Ivory relics shop owner accountable source: the Strait Herald reporter Zhang Hanfeng correspondent Cai Yongming Xu Baohua illegal acquisition of wild ivory, shop owner Zhang Mei violated the law of cultural relics. Recently, the public security authorities on suspicion of illegal acquisition, sale of state protection of rare and endangered wild animal products will be transferred to the Zhangzhou city crime Zhang sister Xiangcheng District procuratorate for examination and prosecution. At the beginning of 2016, Zhang sister runs an antique shops in Xiangcheng District of Zhangzhou city cultural city. In the meantime, she passed the WeChat platform in its mobile phone, released information on the acquisition of ivory, after 1850 yuan price of the acquisition of 2 pieces of ivory bracelet. After that, Zhang Mei will be one of the heavy 28.3 grams of ivory bracelet, sold in its cultural relics store, another heavy weight of 7.2 grams gave his sister to wear. In July 2016, the Zhangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Xiangcheng Forest Bureau received a report to the scene to investigate. Zhang sister store operated by the government without the approval of the Department of wildlife administration or its authorized units, these 2 pieces of ivory bracelets were seized. After identification, the bracelet for the national level of wild animals, such as African elephants and Asian elephant ivory. Currently, Zhang sister was released on bail. Prosecutors reminded the need for scientific research, sale and purchase of the national protected wild animal or the products must be approved by the State Council, the wild animal administrative department or its authorized units need approval; the sale and purchase, with two countries to protect wildlife or the products thereof, must be approved by the provincial departments and municipalities directly under the central government municipal government of wild animal administrative autonomous region, or its authorized units. China has joined the "wild animal" Convention on international trade in endangered species, non Chinese wild animal species such as African elephants are protected. The majority of cultural relics collectors in the purchase of wildlife products, should comply with the relevant laws and regulations.相关的主题文章: