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Popular animation IP if parent-child good music can give you more – the one observed today sanshierli technology Sohu 80, is a "poor" embarrassment. "New weekly" has done a survey: Ten 80, four slaves, three and three car mortgage slave, neet. Some people say: "80 generation is awkward, life miserable, money for 50 and 60 to earn, women are 70 to go global." Faced with a variety of economic pressures after 80, but also found themselves almost no time to accompany their children, and even began to produce a generation gap with the 00 daughter, can not find common ground. But from the "Batman vs. Superman" to "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2" can be found, both love IP and quality of content is always fill the parent-child entertainment this is a deep pain point "elixir". Although in recent years the domestic film and television animation content input and output quantity is very large, but the partial children work lacked adult identity, and no classification system also makes the partial adult works have the children worry. The conference site in August 20th, 400 families including "one observation", was invited to participate in the same horizon of music as a super film membership held in Beijing ", a total growth of 820" super family day conference, by introducing the international line of high-quality IP, LETV target quickly cut into the parent-child entertainment market, the content for the start, relying on the product form "the IP+ experience + service member 3.0plus mode. In the conference, LETV TV Internet business group vice president Liu Peiyao, Viacom international media group senior vice president and general manager of Greater China Zhang Guoli accepted the interview, a detailed interpretation of the cause of both sides of this cooperation, as well as the domestic market brought about by the influence of parent-child entertainment. The introduction of exclusive international first-line animation IP: because common love animation is the children’s favorite, almost all the growth process has also been through 80 after 90, the animation of the super hero and the story is an important enlightenment to children’s view of the world, and is also an important way to parents of parent-child entertainment. But it is undeniable that the current domestic animation "weight is heavy" the current situation of the industry, it is difficult to create a mutual love of parents and children of the IP, which is the domestic animation in the video site click on the small number of cinemas, parents often sleep a important reason. In view of this, as the first Chinese for home users focus brands, music as a super film membership reached with the American Nickelodeon television music as a super exclusive strategic cooperation, members of the user through the exclusive area Nick 18 series, 778 sets of the latest cartoons, including "SpongeBob SquarePants in its tenth season," small "Ninja Hero", "Dora and friends" and "monster" robot "and other classic IP animation. Viacom is paramount’s parent company, since its Nickelodeon was founded 38 years, has become the world’s first brand children, landing in the world 162 countries and regions, 90 television stations, covering approximately 1 billion users. Nick baby show scene on the one hand, as the super music members through the quality of content to help children broaden their horizons.相关的主题文章: