Long news fed interest rate hike does not hinder the Asian market 魔界骑士イングリッド

Dragon financial news: Fed rate hike in Free Asian market clients view the latest market Fed rate hike in Free Asian market for investors on the U.S. interest rate hike remarks as 2013 will make Asian stock markets suffered turmoil. Three years ago, the Federal Reserve released its first cut in asset purchases, causing panic in the market, emerging market assets plummeted. This time, the fed again released a clear signal of interest rate is imminent, but the majority of investors. On Tuesday, Russell Graham, a senior investment strategist at Harman, said to CNBC, "in general, you might think that a strong dollar is not good news for emerging markets." Russell at the end of March to invest about $242 billion 260 million in assets under management. The strong dollar makes it harder for many Asian borrowers to repay dollar denominated debt. In addition, the dollar also makes the dollar denominated assets more attractive, the outflow of funds from emerging markets. But Harman pointed out that the current market is relatively optimistic. He said: "the developed market expensive assets, and some developed countries interest rates close to zero or negative, but the Asia Pacific region and the emerging market inflation relatively high interest rates have continued to decline in space, and the regional stock market price earnings ratio is only 70% of the developed areas, from the arithmetic point of view, this is a good start." Last week, the global central bank [micro-blog] meeting, Fed chairman Yellen’s speech for the September rate hike opened the door. Yellen said the meeting, the possibility of interest rate hike has been enhanced in recent months, the gradual increase in interest rates is appropriate, the economic situation is close to the Fed’s employment and inflation targets. Prior to that, most market participants believe that the Fed’s interest rate hike in the next year or even the possibility of raising interest rates are not large. After last week’s annual meeting, the Fed’s monetary policy outlook changes, the market re evaluate the possibility of raising interest rates. Fed vice chairman Fisher said in an interview with CNBC, Yellen’s speech means that September may raise interest rates, evidence that the economy has been strengthened; September 2nd August employment report released will affect the Fed’s decision. But these remarks did not affect the market shift, the stock market remained relatively stable, while the overall performance of emerging market currencies well. The stability of the current market is very different from the situation in 2013. Barclays data show that there was $14 billion 100 million in funds from emerging markets, the stock market, the bond market outflow of $14 billion 40 million. Henderson global investment Asia dividend yield fund manager SatDuhra said the current emerging markets overall environment better than in 2013. Duhra said in an interview with CNBC on Tuesday, when the political environment in Asia is clearly worse than now, when India and Indonesia are facing inflation expectations and current account deficits, but after that the situation has changed. In the current point, the market will not repeat the original turmoil. Duhra also pointed out that in December last year, the Federal Reserve has increased interest rates, the market reaction is quite calm. Henderson has approximately $127 billion in managed assets worldwide..相关的主题文章: