Shaanxi natural gas to be the first to raise capital to hold the preparation of Yanan gas listed in 步步高i606

Shaanxi natural gas to the first machine proposed capital Yanan gas standard for the hot column flow of funds listed in Hong Kong stocks thousand thousand shares on diagnosis of the latest rating simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to listen to expert guidance on forest stock selection Jiepan Niugu tournament each reporter Bi Huazhang Yanan gas to prepare message listed in Hong Kong, attracting close attention to market investors, the public want fengeng. However, Shaanxi Natural Gas (002267, SZ) has to seize the initiative, ahead of the layout of the Yanan gas. Yanan municipal government official website information display, Yanan gas preparatory work related to the listing of Hong kong. As for Yanan gas, its preparation for the listing of Hong Kong’s first task is to carry out the restructuring of the company. Yanan gas is currently part of Yanan energy chemical (Group) Co., Ltd., is still a wholly state-owned company, the legal person for the Yanan Municipal Finance bureau. The "daily economic news" reporter found out, Shaanxi natural gas early in the June 2015 announcement that Shaanxi natural gas to be with the Yanan energy chemical industry (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Yanan Energy Group) cooperation, to increase their investment in Yanan gas. By then, Yanan energy group will hold 51% stake in Yanan gas, Shaanxi Natural Gas and its companies will hold a stake in Yanan gas of 49%. This means that if the restructuring of Yanan gas, Shaanxi natural gas is expected to open the capital increase shares. Yanan Yanan gas gas start listing in Hong Kong Hongkong listing ceremony, held recently in Yanan hotel. The company is expected to become the first listed company in Yanan. Daily economic news reporter noted that Yanan gas was founded in October 1997, the registered capital of 15 million yuan. At the beginning of its establishment, it belongs to the Yanan urban construction investment and Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yanan city investment company), mainly engaged in natural gas operations and sales. Yanan city investment company in 2012 corporate bond information display, Yanan gas has an annual capacity of 25 million cubic meters of gas Zaoyuan natural gas station, the supply capacity of 80 million cubic meters of Yangjiawan natural gas station, and on the capacity of 10 thousand cubic meters of gas station etc.. October 2014, Yanan gas and Yanan coal group, such as the village of restructuring, the establishment of the Yanan energy group. Yanan gas has become an important natural gas assets of Yanan energy group. According to the "Yanan daily" reported that in August 24, 2015, said the Yanan municipal Party committee secretary Xu Xinrong met with Chongqing’s New Town Construction Development Co., Ltd. chairman Shi cloud line, hope that the major enterprises to increase local enterprises in Yanan guidance and support, and actively promote the Yanan local enterprises listed in Hongkong, achieve bigger and stronger. However, although the local government has thrown the Yanan gas to Hong Kong listing plan, but the road is still very long listed. At present, the enterprise business information display, Yanan gas enterprise type is still state-owned, legal person for the Yanan Municipal Finance bureau. In this regard, the daily economic news reporter called Yanan gas, its office stakeholders, Yanan gas has not yet been on the restructuring相关的主题文章: