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The three or four line termination or landing exchange by housing prices issuance tougher regulation three or four line housing prices issuance exchange or suspected termination of landing more stringent supervision of Zhou Ziwai in October 19th, on the real estate business exchange bonds suffered across the board to suspend the news caused an uproar in the market. Many brokerage firms in an interview with the Economic Observer newspaper interview also did not use the "one size fits all" argument, but the housing prices to tighten supervision of the issuance of bonds project signs. Economic Observer noted that since September there are indeed part of the housing prices in the audit phase of the project stalled. In late September, a Real Estate Company to issue bonds exchange adjustment audit system message appears on the market, but the situation is to tighten audit preparation for interpretation of some brokers for the formal introduction of the housing prices issuance of new regulations, "the full stop, and then will be a standard." Beijing, a large brokerage department responsible for the collection to the Economic Observer newspaper said. Audit tightening, the exchange will not be explicitly suspended, or tell you how to change, but recently there are a lot of three or four lines of corporate bond projects are terminated." Beijing, a brokerage underwriter told the economic observer newspaper. Look from the SSE corporate bond project information platform for information display, Guiyang City real estate (Group) Co. Ltd. in 2016 non-public issuance of corporate bonds for the termination of the display state, updated October 19th; financial group purchase No. 2 asset-backed special plan is terminated in October 12th. Since September, the state remains in the "housing related project feedback has a total of 14, of which 13 projects from the state audit update so far has been more than a month of waiting time. In the opinion of the underwriting, the audit should be tightened hard, "the whole country in the real estate business debt financing is tightening, but the exchange not posting said that the real estate business business is not done, can only say that after the material submitted will be accepted, but it may not come further processing." From a practical point of view, not all housing prices can not be audited by the exchange. After the end of September the project status shows "through" the two housing prices, as the era of Guangzhou Real Estate Group Co. Ltd. in 2016 public issuance of corporate bonds and Yihe real estate group limited 2016 non-public issuance of corporate bonds, the issuing scale of two housing prices were 3 billion 500 million yuan and 3 billion 600 million yuan. In late September, "the regulatory classification scheme on real estate corporate bonds (for Trial Implementation)" outflow, aroused the concern of the market, which includes a clear issue of barriers to entry and classified management, which means that housing prices will further tend to strict regulatory bonds. Another large brokerage department responsible for the collection will be interpreted as a sign of tightening is currently in place for the issuance of housing prices related to the new deal to prepare for landing, this time to stop, and then will be the standard, he said. Shenwan Hong in October 20th released a research report in a similar interpretation. The report said, the Shanghai Stock Exchange is possible from this week by way of window guidance to suspend all real estate companies issued bonds, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange will soon follow. But the main purpose is to suspend the issuance of real estate companies to issue new debt issuance of new regulations, new.相关的主题文章: