Sina public test 15 thousand yuan living room free trial sql2005安装图解

Sina public test: 15 thousand yuan living room theater free trial Sonos 5.1 living room theater designed for fans to create a home theater: the magnificent theater sound for film, television and video games. Simple settings to provide streaming music playback, and can be extended to each room. If you are tired of the sound quality of the TV thin, come to the value of over ten million Sonos home theater to take home! Direct link: activity view 102, activity rules 1, users in the test recruitment page click on the "free trial" button, according to the requirements to submit personal information and application reasons, etc.. 2, we will according to the user’s personal data submitted, the reason of the application and other factors identified 5 patients successfully apply for free trial users, and through the public test page for publicity; 3, the user must pay for the deposit, after the activity such as product was artificially damaged or lost, a full refund of deposit. 4, the staff will get in touch with the successful application users through the official micro-blog private letter, check the receipt address and correct after receiving the deposit, arrange delivery of products (private letter to contact 24 hours; 5, reply as abstained) users receive the product, according to the evaluation standards within the specified time to the public test platform submit the experience report (all test reports must be original and in the first public test report to Sina, on-line time, otherwise it will be disqualified); 6, we will from 5 public test report selected 3 outstanding reports, the 3 users will get free of this Sonos 5.1 living room theater 7, in order to more convenient; direct communication, welcome to join the "Sina public test QQ group: 419304292 (full); Sina QQ two public test group: 541404626 (Please add this group)" and "Sina Public test WeChat official public number: sinazc "; 8, this activity is limited, China users to participate in, not to support the delivery to the overseas and Hong Kong and Macao; 9, all the logistics costs borne by Sina; 10, all registered users are considered to be aware of and agree to abide by the" Sina public test user clause ". PS: success Cheats: the number of applications is more, the greater the chance to select! Two, detailed process 1, registration will begin at 9:40 on August 25, 2016; 2, the registration deadline of September 4, 2016 24; 3, for the success of user time for the announcement in September 6, 2016 16; 4 September 7, 2016 (specific delivery time, delivery time according to the actual situation; 5, the successful application of) the user experience the latest report submitted in September 20, 2016 16; 6, the publication of the report and the results of the evaluation of the time in September 22, 2016 16; 7 September 23, 2016, the return of the deposit.相关的主题文章: