WeChat public brush number tool failure 6 into a large number of reading plummeted (Figure) 若槻ゆうか

WeChat public brush tool failure 6 into a large number of readers fall (Figure) technology Tencent published part of the reading public number number of abnormal provide website screenshot brush the number of public reading business reading the number of businesses that now brush volume rate dropped significantly, the original title: public brush tool failure stir false data arena in September 29th, with the user found a lot of WeChat push the "large" usually easily reach tens of thousands of reading, traffic is very bleak, around three digit and four digit. Some friends broke the news that the number of WeChat public brush tool is shielded. WeChat team said yesterday that the amount of brush reading, point praise has become a more mature black industry chain, will continue to strengthen the platform’s true, fair and equitable. Beijing Youth Daily reporter contacted some named public number, has admitted to brush, and said the industry environment is so, you don’t have to brush brush, otherwise people responded that the advertising push request to read the amount of brush brush, the brush will not send the normal push. WeChat brush amount of reading tool failure section of the public number suspected brush volume was named yesterday, some friends broke the news that the public number of hits on the brush tool collapse, to remind the majority of users to see some of the large public life, a time triggered hot friends, some people even pulled out some suspected public large the amount of reading for comparative analysis. The afternoon of September 29th, the Tencent of science and technology push an article entitled "the amount of brush tool after the collapse of the WeChat V was picked from the media under the underpants" article, the middle name mentioned Li Yinghuan, Li Mochou Financial Street, chief entertainment concept, Wang Guanxiong, Luo, the Internet of things, everything, big bear cat TrioAdvisor eagle. A number of WeChat public number, and the amount of reading these public number in September 28th and a week of delivery amount of reading to do a comparison, data show that the differences between the two, a week reading public in September 28th, tens of thousands of reading a minimum of only 200, the amount of reading more than one hundred thousand in 28, only 20 thousand. A brush amount of industry staff told Tencent technology, which may be because the official WeChat has adjusted some of the background interface, the technology to shield the amount of tools to operate. And this big adjustment, in mid August has been once. Previously, WeChat had to brush the amount of reading had said that the attitude of the brush to brush the amount of reading behavior, the WeChat team has developed strict prevention and punishment mechanisms. The "brush" who once verified, will be strictly punished, do not rule out the WeChat background to take title measures. In the afternoon, the WeChat team on the public "brush" regarding the posting said in response, brush the amount of reading, like the number of points is already a mature black chain, technology confrontation between the platform and the black industry chain has been, and continues to upgrade. The WeChat team said that any false data are of great harm to those who respect the rules of the game operators, the platform is not welcome any false prosperity. WeChat said it would continue to strengthen the technical means to ensure that the platform is true, fair and equitable. One was named public known: the big environment so you do not brush some people brush Tencent technology exposure of some brush amount of public numbers, many of the public name was named to respond. The number of public media Luo responded that the Tencent of science and technology statistics only read an article Lei相关的主题文章: