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Wu Qiang 16 " double branch " war was WTA reputation this season’s best game – People’s network Hainan window – People’s network on September 28th, Covey Tova in the game to celebrate the score. The same day, in the Wuhan Tennis Open women’s singles in the third round of the game, Czech’s Covey Tova to 2 to 1 victory over the German player, Gobel. Xinhua News Agency reporters Xiao Yijiu and Wu Qiang 16 and of the game’s 3 hours and 20 minutes of the battle of the was hailed as the most exciting game of the season WTA. Wu net three, Covey Tova after three bitterly, with 6:7 (10), 7:5, 6:4 victory over the new world first korbel. 29, WTA official website spoke highly of this game, the strong collision evaluation two time Wimbledon champion Covey Tova and won two grand slam Gobel for the season, which is mainly based on five reasons. First, this is a different style of collision. Covey Tova is good at attack, hitting shitailichen; defensive master Korbel belongs to, as long as the opponent is not high quality, she can seize the opportune moment to counterattack yijizhiming. Two people almost every game is mars hit the earth, in a total of 10 times against 7 games played three. This victory, for Covey Tova, was a sweet revenge of the u.s.. In the first month open encounter, Gobel had two straight sets victory over Czech. After this victory when Covey Tova said: "we have two games every time is very close, is also very difficult, but the game or the game more special, very special, because we played more than 3 hours, two people have always maintained a high level of. There are no losers today, and the game is one or two." Second, the game is the winner of the two grand slam. Covey Tova won two Wimbledon title, Gobel this year even the Australian Open and the two Grand Slam, two is the future Hall of fame. Third, the world’s top ranked player defeat and defeat is not always cold, doesn’t play well, even his own level of play to the most incisive. In this way, the game is more dramatic and ornamental. Earlier this season the world’s first defeat only from Serena Serena, this season played three games are lost in the Australian Open final defeat to Korbel and the Miami masters 16 battle with 7:6, 1:6 And 2:6 to Kuznetsova. Fourth, Covey Tova played his best game of the season. Wu net before the game, Covey Tova ranked sixteenth in the world, this is her lowest ranking since May 2011, she and seven years of cooperation in the Australian Open after coach Cody tied part company each going his own way. Covey Tova became the most unpredictable player of the season, had fluctuated, the overall downturn, from the Rodgers Cup began to pick up, including won the Olympic bronze medal, but no one can match with this. Fifth, the victory tells people that Covey Tova is still the Grand Slam champion. Review of Covey Tova thriving period, dating back to two years ago. Covey Tova has been a fast moving player of the season and has never been seen this season相关的主题文章: