54Contraception does not interfere with husband and wife life|Contraception does not interfere with husband and wife life5

Contraception does not interfere with the husband and wife life for men and women of childbearing age, contraception is a problem that must be faced in the life of husband and wife. As early as thousands of years ago, people began to find ways to contraception. Ancient Greece and Rome, women try to put honey, gum into the vagina, as a contraceptive barrier. In China, people put the silk paper, cloth group into the vagina…… These methods have a high failure rate, but also a serious impact on sexy and pleasure. With the development of medical technology, modern contraceptive technology provides a reliable means for men and women for sex. However, there are still some people worry that contraceptive measures will affect sexual life, some men even have a psychological shadow, sexual dysfunction. Therefore, it is necessary for couples to understand the impact of various contraceptive measures on sexual life. Photograph: the main components of the Oriental IC pill is a synthetic estrogen and progesterone, for most women, the effect on sexual life is very little, but some women have sex change. But most experts believe that as long as the rational use, will not affect the sex life. Condoms are ideal contraceptive methods. But many men think that condoms can reduce sexual pleasure and a feeling of attempt an ineffective solution. With the progress of the manufacturing process, condoms gradually thinning, and the shape has improved (such as particle type, screw type, etc.), these advances in the continuous reduction of the impact of sexy, and some can extend the sex time. IUD is more suitable for couples after birth, under normal circumstances will not affect the sex life. Some women do not fit in just the use of IUD, the menstrual period may be extended, the amount of increase, some women will have abdominal discomfort or menstrual pain, which may have adverse effects on sexual life; if the IUD tail into the vagina palace, may stimulate the male male penis, causing pain during sexual intercourse. Thus, the effects of life. Sterilization is a permanent contraceptive measures, mainly female tubal ligation and male vasectomy. Sterilization does not interfere with sex hormone secretion, so there is no effect on sexual life. But the operation would have a negative psychological effect on the part of the people, but also because the surgical complications and the effect of sex, such as female sterilization after infection, bleeding, local induration and epididymal stasis symptom appeared after vasectomy in men. Overall, modern contraceptive measures do not interfere with sexual life, and can eliminate the fear of unintended pregnancy, is conducive to sexual life.