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"Ginseng in animals", would you like to try it? Health – Sohu (author: Lingyun, a national nutritionist, original works, please indicate the number of public knowledge is power from WeChat) mentioned quail egg, you will not be unfamiliar. With the improvement of the level of modern life, people love the pursuit of delicious delicacy, quail egg has gradually become the table a fresh bright and nutritious and delicious "hot dishes". So, how much do you know about the nutritional secrets of quail eggs? (pictures from the network) also known as Colin quail egg eggs, quail eggs, is considered to be the "animal ginseng". The oval shaped like, individual small, generally only about 5 grams, quail egg shell gray white, with brown markings. The quality of bright color, quail egg yolk shell hard, dark yellow, sticky protein, shell outside the protective layer of nature. Quail egg is delicious, is a good tonic on nutrition unique, it is the eggs to share ". Although the energy is small but big quail eggs, although the appearance of small, but very high nutritional value. Quail egg full range of amino acids, content rich, high quality and variety of phospholipids and other essential ingredients, containing phospholipids, lecithin, is an important component of human cells, there was certain promoting effect on brain development; egg yolk contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin A, vitamin B, calcium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium etc.. However, the bioavailability of iron in yolk is low. Compared with egg yolk, the nutritional value of egg white was significantly lower than that of egg yolk. The nutritional value of quail eggs has the function of maintaining the immune function of human body, and is beneficial to the development of vision. (pictures from the network) and other PK quail egg egg egg weight comparison: B vitamin content than Egg Quail egg, especially the content of vitamin B2 is 2 times the egg, it is auxiliary enzyme activity, could promote the growth of phospholipid content; quail egg in egg lecithin is higher than. Is an important component of human cells, it can not only reduce the cholesterol in the blood, but also can promote the absorption of fat soluble vitamins. Different eggs, the nutritional components of roughly the same. The protein content of all kinds of eggs is similar to that of the whole egg is about 12%, higher than the egg yolk. Egg protein amino acid composition and the human body needs the most close to the very high nutritional value. For the crowd to distinguish the quail egg high nutritional value, is not suitable for all people. Quail egg has nourishing effect on anemia, malnutrition, bronchitis, neurasthenia of patients; the vitamin A, vitamin B and phospholipid content rich, suitable for infants, pregnant women, the elderly and frail patients; but higher cholesterol content in egg yolk, excessive consumption can cause elevated blood lipid levels, not suitable for patients with cerebral vascular disease eat. Patients with liver disease, according to their own circumstances choose to eat or not eat. (pictures from the network) dosage usage should pay attention to quail eggs, although delicious, but not excessive consumption. According to the "proposal" dietary guidelines for adult residents in China eggs daily t