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Health When over-the-counter teeth whitening solutions don’t quite do the job, many people look to their dentists for a more effective and longer-term solution. Teeth whitening treatments are a highly popular service offered in dental offices across the United States. Dr. William B. Grand of Grand Family Dentistry is one Baton Rouge, LA dentist that is committed to offering his clients the best professional whitening treatments available. How Do Teeth Get Stained? Many people don’t realize that their teeth are slowly being stained daily until one day they wake up and wonder where their beautiful pearly whites have gone. The teeth can become stained due to a number of daily behaviors, including eating, drinking and smoking. Certain types of foods and drinks, like tomato sauce, berries, carrots, coffee, tea, wine and juice, are common culprits behind stained teeth. Regular smoking leaves deposits on the teeth that change their coloring. Teeth can also become discolored when they are infected with bad bacteria or due to general aging. Taking some kinds of medications can also cause discoloration. Teeth Whitening Options The obvious solution to this problem is to have the teeth whitened. You can opt to have a whitening session in a dentist’s office or to purchase a take-home kit. Dentists use professional-grade bleaching products (usually either hydrogen peroxide or Carbamide peroxide) to bring the teeth back to a healthy white coloring. The dentist places the special whitening gel over the teeth and then waves a high-powered curing light over them to activate the whitening process. It takes about an hour or less to get the teeth to the patient’s desired shade. The other option is to whiten your teeth at home using a series of trays. You must fill the tray with whitening gel and wear them for a certain period of time each day to get the results you’re looking for. What Kind of Results Are Possible? Getting your teeth whitened in a dentist’s office is the most effective solution. Each individual will experience different results, as each person has their own unique smile to show off. In some cases it can brighten the color of the teeth by up to 10 shades. Take home trays are less effective, but can improve the tooth color significantly if used properly. After whitening it is crucial to avoid drinking and eating the same things that stained your teeth in the first place, or to wear some type of mouth guard as recommended by your dentist. Dr. William Grand Specializes in Whitening Treatments Dr. William B. Grand of Grand Family Dentistry wants his patients to feel confident about their teeth. After just one whitening session with Dr. Grand many patients leave feeling and looking brand new. He is happy to offer "Personalized, Comfortable, and Affordable Care." About the Author: 相关的主题文章: