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Internet-Marketing In earlier web history, there was only one and first dedicated social network was MySpace which allows every individual user to use MySpace to share their stuffs like photos, videos, and exchange messages within their group or subsequently called as community. MySpace was an instant hit, but few users found difficult with the way site operated. MySpace was quickly followed by FaceBook which used information from MySpace users to create a site that was simpler and more interesting for their users to use daily basis. And then Twitter came, which comes with the unique features like links to cell phones and the ability to send texts messages or subsequently called as Tweets to multiple twitter followers which quickly made it the number one social networking site among all. Business minded peoples realized the potential of Twitter shortly after it’s inception. Short messages called tweets could be sent out simultaneously to multiple users within network. A user’s network is composed of followers who might be having similar interest and can be contacted individually or as a group with text messages on their cell phones. They could be anyone, may be your friends, business associates or complete unknown strangers on web. There are many good apps comes online which based on increasing followers on Twitter. Well, in reality, adding twitter followers for your account isn’t much tedious work, you just have to search peoples who have similar interest within your niche and click on follow tab. thats all you have to do. If you still feel this would be time consuming for you and would like to save your precious time for other side of marketing then, you probably take a look on various tools on Twitter. Lets take an example of Domino’s Pizza, their executives became aware of the power of Twitter to reach thousands of customers almost instantly when a video showing Domino’s staffs deliberately tainting food was displayed on YouTube channel. The video was seen by Twitter users who immediately run Tweets to their list of followers which included members of the news media groups that use this network as a good source of information. The story broke before Domino’s was even aware the video existed. They learned quickly though and immediately opened Twitter account to handle damage control. Now twitter has grown much more than a social networking site and often used by marketers, media to promote products/service or circulate social awareness. During the San Diego wild fires, twitter provided information to firefighters through tweets, rescue workers and the news media. And that time power failures and downed phone lines made traditional sources or communication failed, but cell phones remained operative and that time twitter proved to be extremely useful in communicating vital information. There are no boundary or restriction for becoming followers on twitter, people of all ages, races, nations, professionals are user of twitter which make this social networking site one of the most effective communication source and information networks in the world. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: