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Victims of accident can avail of Social Security Disability benefit. While waiting for your Workers’ Compensation benefit from the train companies or the settlement amount, you can file SS disability claim to receive financial assistance from the government. If your injuries are serious, it will take more months for you to recuperate. You may not be able to resume your work post. Filing a Social Security Disability claim helps you receive monthly allowance while recovering from your injuries. Who may qualify for Social Security Disability benefit claim? An individual who have impairment for at least 12 months or is expected to last for years can qualify for Social Security disability benefits. The claimant must prove the following: 1. The disability limits the person from engaging into substantial daily activity such as walking, moving, seeing, hearing, and speaking. 2. The impairment hinders the person from performing alternative work 3. The disability is serious to prevent the claimant from returning to work at a shorter time. 4. The impairment includes physical, medical, or psychological condition that hinders normal daily functions. The claimant must submit the following documents: 1. Medical records and laboratory findings 2. Completed work history report 3. completed "substantial gainful activity" form 4. Additional documents relating to employment or disability The claimant must submit medical records in accordance to the requirements and standards of Social Security. It includes laboratory findings, diagnosis, and reports from your attending physician. The Social Security Administration (SSA) may evaluate these records and request for additional documents if the results do not clearly reflect your disability. The SSA may also ask you to undergo several medical exams to determine the extent of your disability. The SSA will ask you to fill up the work history report to analyze previous and potential jobs that you can perform. The completed substantial gainful activity form is necessary in determining how your physical condition limits your ability to perform day-to-day activities. SSA will ask you several questions relating to your medical treatment and how it affects your daily living and potential to resume working. You will have to assert that your current physical and medical condition prevents you from performing alternative work. Your disability is severe enough to perform daily functions and such condition is expected to last for more years. Make sure that you have submitted adequate medical records for your train accident injury. You may have to wait at least three months for the processing of your claim. Consult an attorney for Social Security disability in Los Angeles to help you file the claim. 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