Turner Broadcasting System 客车变身黑校车 飞机上做不雅之事

Satellite-TV Getting a Baseball Fix on the Dish Despite the recent shakeup in the television broadcasting of the Atlanta Braves, Dish Network Satellite television has you covered, and has all of the games of the much respected, but now faltering team. With Dish Network, there is no reason to miss a game, even if you no longer live, or have never lived in the Atlanta region. The Braves have fans all across the country, since Ted Turner had the great idea years ago to broadcast his team’s games as far and wide as possible. Fox Sports recently purchased the channel Turner South, the premiere station for those that love the South, those that want to learn more about it, and those living away from there that need a dose of good Southern culture of cooking, hot humidity, humor and Atlanta Braves. While the Braves had their worst June in franchise history, (6 wins21 losses!) the faithful fans are hoping the recent turn around could mean that the Braves will persevere for a record 15 Division Championships. Although the purchase of Turner South by Fox resulted in the alteration of the announcers of the games, there is still a good hometown perspective provided by the able voices of Bob Rathburn and Jeff Torborg. As a special treat for Brave’s fan in the early and mid-nineties, the great outfielder Ron Gant is sometimes featured as an announcer. His experience of playing with the team gives him excellent insight into the Atlanta game in general, and some of the Braves players such as Chipper Jones and the manager Bobby Cox. Fans of the game, who grew used to the announcers Joe Simpson, Skip Caray, Don Sutton, and Pete Van Weiren, can still see them on TBS (Turner Broadcasting System) also available on Dish Network. Their particular brand of dry humor, wry insight, and friendly jabbing has endeared them to legions of fans from the West Coast to Turner Field. Now that we don’t get to see them as often, they are missed. Some viewers can watch the video feed on Fox Sports Net or Turner South and listen to their favorite announcers on a local radio station that carries the Braves. Also, XM Satellite Radio carries every game of every Major League Game, so there are many avenues to get the Braves. Skip and Pete have been with the Braves for a long time. Pete Van Weiren, for example, has been there since 1976! Dish Network is the sports leader, and have many other baseball games. Getting your Braves fix with Dishnetwork is the best way for any fan to get the best baseball experience. Here’s hoping the Braves can get back on track and start winning two out of three, or at least split more series. Andruw Jones is headed back to the All-Star Game this year, and he will be accompanied by the wildly talented young catcher Brian McCann, and the sharp Edgar Renteria. McCann is as big a surprise as Jeff Francoeur was last year, when he was hitting well over .400 for a while. Catch all the action on Dish Network. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: