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Womens-Issues Have you been recently diagnosed with polycystic ovarian cysts? Are you looking for more information about PCOS? Maybe you are unsure of what this condition is and area looking for as much information as you can find on this disorder. Learn here more about polycystic ovarian cysts, also known as PCOS, and what traditional treatment methods your doctor will suggest. You will also learn that there are new and proven alternative treatment methods that you can learn to not only improve your condition but cure it – for good. Understanding Our Body and PCOS During each menstrual cycle, follicles form on the ovaries. Within these follicles, eggs form and the egg that reaches maturity the fastest is the one that is released into the fallopian tubes. This is called ovulation. The other follicles that are left simply disintegrate as a part of a regular cycle. Some woman do not have normal ovaries, instead they have developed polycystic ovaries which are ovaries where the follicles do not disintegrate after ovulation. Instead these follicles gather and form in clumps inside the ovaries. Generally speaking, polycystic ovaries are not bothersome and do not effect the chances of a woman becoming pregnant, however they can cause problems. When the polycystic ovarian cysts, which are small fluid filled sacs, cause an imbalance in the hormones, a pattern of many different symptoms occur. According to the different and complexities of the symptoms, a woman can be diagnosed with PCOS. Which is short for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. PCOS is generally a condition in women who have polycystic ovaries. Not all women with polycystic ovaries develop the hormonal imbalance PCOS, but some will. What occurs in PCOS is when normal functions in the body processes are not going right. So PCOS is a problem in the way that your whole body is functioning, particularly your metabolism. Traditional Treatment of PCOS Many doctors may not be very familiar with PCOS and more often then not will only treat the symptoms that a woman may be suffering from. The most common treatment that a medical professional will suggest will be similar to treating ovarian cysts, which means they will put you on birth control pills to start out. Some doctors however, may realize that there is a more complex disorder known as PCOS and will move toward prescribing a number of different medications for different aspects of the disorder including medications to regulate the hormones. So traditional medicine when treating PCOS will be highly dependent on taking a number of different medications to treat the condition. The most pressing point when treating PCOS with traditional medicine is working on alleviating the symptoms and working on the regulating the hormones in your body. Unfortunately, with PCOS this medication as a form of treatment may have to be ongoing. Natural Alternatives For Both Ovarian Cysts and PCOS We all value our health and no woman wants to live with any sort of condition in her body. And we live in an age where more and more woman are seeking a more natural and holistic approach to treating health issues that may effect them. They are seeking ways to make small, but impacting changes in their lifestyle that can improve their overall health and well-being. In the case with ovarian cyst and also PCOS, new and natural remedies have been discovered and proven to reverse and eliminate this disorder. And a natural solution to combat this complex health issue known as PCOS, may be a good alternative particularly if you do not want to live for many years taking a number of different medications, that all come with their not only their cost, but their side effects as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: