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Automobiles Have you ever been tempted to try out one of those hydrogen generator systems or guides that show you how to build a gas saving device you use to run your car on water + gasoline to save fuel? If you have, your not alone. Thousands of people around the world have also tried this and yes many of them have succeeded at running their cars on water in addition to gas to increase their vehicles mileage dramatically. The ones that didn’t usually ran into one of the following top 3 "avoidable" problems that commonly kill the run your car on water dream prematurely: 1: Bulky Units That Don’t Fit Under The Hood. When you pick a hydrogen power cell generator to run your car on water with, make sure it fits under your hood before you purchase it or put it together. Many of the do-it-yourself water hybrid manuals out there teach you to build a hho generator that is just too big to fit in cars with minimal space. Imagine buying or putting together one of these power cell devices and then finding out it’s useless because of your car’s space limitations. This happens more with HHO devices built out of water filter housings and mason jars. A good hydrogen power cell unit is slim enough to fit in even the smallest spaces under your hood and can be customized to make it even easier. To be sure, measure the available space under your hood and try to stick to the slimmest, least bulky (but quality) system, especially if you have space restrictions. 2: The Use Of Confusing Electrical Diagrams Instead Of Real Photo Examples In Their Instructions For Building The Hho Unit. Electrical diagrams can turn even the easiest jobs into a seemingly confusing ordeal. Make sure the water hybrid car system you choose uses real photo examples and even instructional videos, so you can learn to build your hho device in confidence instead of confusion. In reality, building a hho generator to effectively use water for fuel is moderately easy. It’s just so unfortunate, when some of these water hybrid conversion guides make it harder than it has to be by using outdated methods such as electrical diagrams and instructions that aren’t detailed enough which causes many individuals to just stop trying and give up. 3: No Customer Support. The third most common mistake made by do-it-yourself water hybrid hopefuls is choosing a water car conversion system that offers no customer support. If you can’t contact the creator of an hho system to get a few of your questions answered, you may want to think twice about their credibility. A good way to make sure is to send them an email with a technical question about their system. If they answer your question with a real response / solution to your problem, they probably have good customer support. If they don’t answer or just email you back aggressively trying to sell you the product but not really answering your question, odds are they’re not interested in your success with this, and they just care about the sale. I have found that the programs that provide great customer support are also the ones that explain everything well enough (in their system) so that you don’t have any questions in the first place. A win, win. Being aware of the 3 most common problems that impede most people’s success with run your car on water systems can separate you from the masses of people who have concluded it’s impossible or impractical to pull this off. It truly feels wonderful when you successfully get past all the hurdles and are able to show off your cool hybrid car to your friends and family. However, when you make wiser choices in the beginning, it can be like taking away the hurdles completely. Hopefully, the suggestions mentioned here will help you realize that turning your car into a water burning hybrid can work for you. You can succeed when you know what your doing and choose the right system. One that is easy to understand & assemble, will fit in your vehicle and provides great customer support, just in case you run into any problems. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: