your expertise and ultimately your pocketbook 天津爬楼攻略争议

Business As entrepreneurs, many of us suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome. We are constantly coming up with new ideas and new ventures, but the killer is, once Shiny Object Syndrome takes over, it means none of these projects ever move from concept to completion. When Shiny Object Syndrome hits, it can mean lost hours, lost productivity and lost focus; ultimately leading to several thousands of dollars in lost revenue. The biggest problem with Shiny Object Syndrome is that we start on project A and we get it partly finished and then all of a sudden something new "and shiny" catches our attention and we move on to project B. Project B gets started and project A takes a back burner, never being completed. We pour all our efforts into Project B until lo and behold a new "shiny" idea catches our attention and we are on to project C. This cycle continues until before we know it we have several new ideas, and none of them ever complete. If we could just complete one project and start creating an income from that idea before we moved on to the next project imagine the money that would be circulating in this world. Sound familiar? Are you victim of Shiny Object Syndrome? I’ve been there and I have used every excuse in the book: • It’s not perfect • Who am I to be the authority on this • Who would want something like this The cold hard truth is that I do have something to say and I am an authority just like each and every one of you is an authority on something. We all have expertise and we all have something to share, we just need to start curing this Shiny Object Syndrome and taking action. So what can you do? How can you stop falling victim to Shiny Object Syndrome and start taking control over your time, your expertise and ultimately your pocketbook? Here are five very quick ways you can start to regain control today? Cure #1 – Action Sounds simple doesn’t it? Perhaps the easiest way to cure Shiny Object Syndrome is to simply take action. Decide today on just one idea and then see it all the way through from concept to completion. Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect, who in this world is actually perfect anyways? Commit to a certain amount of time each day or each week to seeing just one of your ideas all the way through. Make sure to allocate this time on your schedule and block it out so that you can totally avoid distractions and concentrate solely on the project at hand. Cure #2 – The Power is in the Plan As a marketing strategist one of my biggest "beefs" with people is that they don’t have a plan. How can you complete something if you don’t know the steps or directions that will be necessary to get you there? When you go on a vacation you don’t just strike out in your car and take your chances (well not usually!!). You have a plan, a roadmap, an itinerary. The same is true in every aspect of your life; if you want a greater chance of success or of avoiding distractions the answer is in creating a step by step plan of how you will truly bring your concepts right through to completion. A perfect cure for Shiny Object Syndrome is having a very clear plan with very clear deadlines for all the stages right from the very beginning concepts right through to your finalized product. Cure #3 – Research My biggest problem with Shiny Object Syndrome is that when I did create a product through to completion it ended up being a flop and this fear of a repeat "flop" has definitely held me back from moving forward with other ideas until I started realizing about this particular cure. When I was honest with myself, I quickly realized that I hadn’t taken the time to do this very critical aspect of finding success and that was research. When you create a product that no one wants it can be devastating to your future successes. Take the time before you start to ensure that the product you are about to create is wanted and then you will have less of a chance of getting distracted by Shiny Object Syndrome, especially when potential clients are waiting anxiously for what you have to offer. Cure #4 – See it All the Way Through Oh my, oh my, oh my. In my previous role as a Virtual Assistant you don’t know how many times I had to steer my clients back in the right direction and back towards sticking with one idea all the way through. One of the toughest struggles with Shiny Object Syndrome for me was keeping my clients focused and get them to see their concepts all the way through to completion. The best way to do this is by having someone that can hold you accountable to deadlines. Cure #5 – Avoid Distraction Distraction is a very easy way to fall victim to Shiny Object Syndrome. When you are working on a project try to concentrate solely on that project until it is complete. When you take the time to go to a new teleseminar, join a new online group or purchase a new info-product it is then that the new ideas start to formulate and Shiny Object Syndrome can rear its ugly head. When starting a new project instead of spending this time surfing the net or reading new infoproducts, utilize the exact same time to working on your project. I am probably one of the biggest sufferers of Shiny Object Syndrome. I have so many half written e-books and home-study course outlines, but only a couple of completed projects. I have decided that I am no longer going to fall victim to this ill-fated "disease," but rather I am going to begin to take action on each and every project and I urge you, my fellow Entrepreneurs, to take action with me!! It wasn’t until I started to put these cures into place that I really started to see the results. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: