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Sports-and-Recreation In today’s world, with more than seven billion human beings living on this planet, it makes sense for people to consider self-defense. The reality is that there are always going to be powerful people, and weaker people who through no fault of their own, are often victimized by the more forceful among us. Street Fighting Uncaged teaches a style and manner of self-defense that involves a series of different attack moves which have been outlawed, or made illegal in most or all arenas of professional fighting. These are fighting moves, maneuvers, and tactics that are not sporting; they are designed to inflict the most amount of pain and bodily damage to an attacker in a life-threatening assault situation. In addition to the basic street fighting techniques, this eBook can also teach your how to disarm an attacker (both guns and knives). Brutal Tactics: Street Fighting Uncaged teaches a broad variety of offensive moves that a person can utilize if they are being attacked or robbed. These moves are not designed to incapacitate, or stun a would-be attacker. Rather, they are performed with the express intent of targeting the most vulnerable areas of an attackers body, and leaving them with the most amount of incapacitating agony and distress as possible. These are great reasons to check out Street Fighting Uncaged. If there is one thing we know for certain, its that criminals and attackers in the streets do not fight by any rules or code of ethics. So why should you? Trickery and the Art of Deception: One critical element covered is the pre-determined deceptive movements designed to get your attacker in position for you to deal a devastating and unexpected blow to one of many sensitive regions on the body. This in itself is already a good reason for checking it out. For many individuals who may be easily outmatched, the element of surprise and deception can prove to be extremely valuable in a survival/attack situation. Top 10 Reasons to Check It Out 1. You will learn valuable self-defense tactics you will not find anywhere else (except maybe prisons, or on the streets). 2. You will begin to assess self-defense maneuvering differently, in the sense that you will not be hindered by conventional defense practices in a survival situation. 3. You will gain important information about where the most sensitive and easiest to attack places are on the human body, which could give you the advantage you need in a street-attack scenario. 4. You will likely gain some peace of mind in the sense that once you know about some of these critical fighting moves, you will feel more confident and at ease when moving about in public. 5. The people you love and care about will likely be more comfortable knowing that with you, they need not fear attack since you are aware of many different street fighting tactics. 6. Your opponents will be bewildered by your fighting style, because with Street Fighting Uncaged, it is up to you to determine how you want to utilize the moves learned in this course, rather than being hindered by strict and predictable fighting style. 7. It teaches students one very important element to success in a survival attack scenario, which is mental strength and preemptive anticipation of an attack. 8. You will gain a profound sense of calm during frightening situations, since you are equipped with the knowledge and information you need in the event of a self-defense situation. 9. By studying the methods of presented in this book, you can literally re-program your brain’s responses to danger and fear, making you a much more formidable opponent in an actual threat situation. 10. Your significant other will likely become more attracted to you, since you will more confidently be able to demonstrate the role of protector (in any relationship). About the Author: 相关的主题文章: