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UnCategorized Considering that hectic lifestyles and junk food go hand-in-hand, your body tends to get deprived of essential minerals and vitamins. Two vital substances that your system craves for are calcium and vitamin D, which are best consumed in the form of ionic-calcium vitamins. Why do you Need Calcium in Your Diet? Calcium is a mineral that is frequently mentioned in conversations once you cross 40 years of age. It is one substance that will keep your bones "alive and well" throughout life, provided it is consumed in the right quantities. There are umpteen reasons why you need calcium in your diet: The body will not stand straight and tall without the skeletal system, whose maintenance and strength is entirely dependent on the amount of calcium you ingest. Low calcium will result in bones becoming brittle and susceptible to fractures (osteoporosis). Prevent tooth decay and degeneration, as well as pyorrhoea. Your muscle cells need the energy provided by calcium. It can keep hypertension under control. Other functions that are enhanced by the presence of this mineral are clotting of blood, maintenance of acid-alkaline balance (pH balance), prevention of infections, especially during pregnancy, rhythmic beating of the heart, and proper functioning of the intestines. There is good news for weight watchers too! Calcium binds to the fat cells as they move through the alimentary tract. Now the unwanted fat is too large to remain within the body, and passes out as waste. Why do you Need Vitamin D in Your Diet? Vitamin D assists in the absorption of calcium. It is this vitamin that allows for the formation of the hormone, Calcitriol, within the body. And without this hormone, calcium refuses to enter the bones. Thus, as your bodily systems start craving for calcium, the skeleton gets robbed of its existing store. How can the bones remain strong then? Ionic-Calcium Vitamins Calcium and vitamin D can be obtained from natural foodstuffs, but the quantity just might be less than what is actually required. Additionally, every time you eat, your pH balance gets reduced to 2.00; it should be 7.4 always. Unless this balance gets restored, there is a very good chance of you getting afflicted with problems of acidity later on, or falling prey to disease. In fact, this is the current scenario, and that is why manufacturers have come up with the idea of supplements that combine both calcium and vitamin D in one tablet. These are known as ionic-calcium vitamins. Calcium Supplements that are prescribed by doctors either have vitamin D missing, or come in too large quantities for them to be of any use within the body. For instance, if calcium is consumed in doses of 500 mg or above at one go, most of it gets wasted as it passes out of the body. Just a small amount gets absorbed. Calcium tablets are to be consumed several times a day, in small doses, for them to be effective. Therefore, it is best to consume ionic-calcium vitamins. The tablets break down into such small molecules when ingested that they can pass through the cells easily. So they travel to the bones via the bloodstream. Ionic calcium comes from coral calcium. The coral reefs of Japan are the biggest sources of coral calcium. When this kind of natural calcium enters the stomach, it dissolves and attains an ionic form; hence, the name, ionic calcium. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: