52Why are muscle men single After you read it.|Why are muscle men single After you read it.6

Why are muscle men single? After reading you will understand with the popularity of fitness muscular fitness, now the muscles are more and more, in the eyes of outsiders muscle not only is good, sunny popularity, full of positive energy, and many are able to bear hardships and the potential of stocks, but there is a let everyone wondering what why muscle most single? Read the following you will understand… First, most muscular are busy muscle cannot do without high strength training every week, need to take 4~6 days to the gym and exercise 1 hours a day, in addition to the gym it consumes time, each exercise needs 2 hours. In addition to exercise, every day will pay attention to some fitness information, learning fitness knowledge. Now the fast pace of life, work pressure, time is more precious, muscular men just missed many happy marriage. Here is the most realistic portrayal of muscle man. Two, eye muscle male is generally higher although muscle does not necessarily require a girlfriend more beautiful, more will dress up, but the body must not be too bad, a vest and bottom line is even more perfect. But in fact, China’s sister love fitness like giant panda. Three, too high requirement for muscular discipline itself, and this kind of stringent requirements easily attached to the other half of the body. For example, I hope the other half like fitness, have a good body shape; hope that the other half of health, eat on time to sleep well; I hope the other half studious, self-motivated. So, a lot of muscle men because they can not meet the right person. Four, the muscular biases now many girls still think simple limbs developed, and even some still feel the muscles most violent, in this view, also can oh… In fact, most of the muscles of the male heart gentle, and most like small animals. Five, the muscular misunderstanding many muscular men are the sun, plus the love movement is good, so the general popularity of muscular men and women are good, which makes many girls feel insecure, feel more muscular. In fact, practice into a muscle need a strong heart and will also resist the temptation of tobacco and delicacy. Meet the right person, muscle man will not derail. Six, with the mainstream values of small meat does not match the age, too many girl love Korean wind, no sense for muscular and tough, but we can not force others to change, so the choice of loneliness. So, if you have a single muscle around the man, please help him spread propaganda, to get him to take off as soon as possible…… (from fitness WeChat public number)