52In August, these cars sold a lot of fire, the sales volume is greater than the car factory shipments|In August, these cars sold a lot of fire, the sales volume is greater than the car factory shipments7

This August, a few cars sell very fire, the sale amount is greater than the vehicle factory shipments – Sohu car every month we will take stock before the January sales charts, and in fact we can see the data is the manufacturer reported wholesale shipments, and the 4S store terminal sales will have a certain difference, but a few days ago, the national passenger car Association (commonly known as the Federation) has released a list of terminal sales in August, several models of the terminal sales volume is higher than the manufacturer, take a look at one of the best. Comment: Uncle brick Lavida has been car market sales champion, although August was more than the Jetta wholesale volume, but the terminal sales is up to more than 00 vehicles, the market is still the best selling. Brick uncle comments: Geely Dorsett new has been the best selling independent car, but the August wholesale sales is also Chery Yi Ruize 5 more than, but in the terminal market, more than 22000 vehicles data, warlords. Comment: TOYOTA corolla brick tertiary wholesale volume of about more than in the terminal sales in August this year, the average monthly sales of more than 20 vehicles, momentum is very fierce, do not disgrace the prestige the best-selling car. Uncle brick is a comment: SAIC Volkswagen’s hot models, although the August wholesale volume decline, but the terminal still sold 2 margin, and profit gap is not large, but the two brothers sold a total of 00 margin, is still about 100 thousand joint sedan ruler. Explain wholesale sales: refers to the number of manufacturers monthly shipments to dealers from inside the factory, the monthly data will be submitted to the national unified related departments, and we can see the daily sales data. Terminal sales: refers to the actual sales of 4S data store, data acquisition from the same manufacturer monitoring, but because each manufacturer of statistical methods or different, is not mandatory, so does not form a relatively fixed list. License number: two above sales data can reflect the relative to a car on the road in the end the number of vehicles, the most reliable or the amount on the card, but not the public data and the Ministry of public security, so it is not known to the public. Sales data is a guide to Car Buying, most people have a herd mentality, is also a relatively more secure choice, but even the best selling car is not completely no flaws, choose the most suitable is the best.