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Health Discover the fundamentals of dual diagnosis therapy programs, their history, functions, importance, and features. These dual diagnosis programs are designed to address the medical needs of individuals addicted to substance use and suffering from mental illness or psychological disorder. Most of them are using an integrated approach that simultaneouly treats both medical problems. Treatment programs for dual diagnosis are now becoming very crucial due to the rising number of individuals suffering from both medical conditions. Survey reveals that over a third of alcoholics and over half of the drug users also have serious mental problem. In fact, people having psychological disorders are more prone to have problem related to substance abuse compared to those in the general population. Most often, these patients tend to fare poorly without undergoing any therapy. History outlines the development of the first dual diagnosis treatment plan at an outpatient psychiatric center in New York in 1984. Training seminars for the treatment of dual diagnosis patients followed after a year and were spread throughout the U.S. It was not until 1987 when an article posted in the "Time" magazine covered the issues encountered by the patients and brought to public attention. This incident sparked the proliferation of dual diagnosis drug treatment programs offered to those troubled by mental illness and substance abuse. Rehabilitation programs are being structured by dual diagnosis treatment centers so that clinicians can give unified and integrated medical care. These types of programs help eliminate the consultation between separate sectors or teams of the facility. They are now readily available at the Veterans Administration hospitals as well as in the state and private facilities across the country and overseas. In line with this, there are also several substance abuse facilities discouraging their client to use any kind of medicines such as in treating patients who have serious case in terms of mental disorders. However, despite of these programs’ availability, they remain insufficient for the increasing cases of the disorder. Among the features and services covered by drug treatment programs may include behavior-modification therapy and training, psychotropic medicines, and support group participation. Among the services they provide are counseling and family education, relationship and financial management advice, and property assistance and job opportunities. In case you have mental condition and addiction to substance use, the information provided herein may be helpful for you. Examine yourself properly and pick the best dual diagnosis treatment program that exactly fits your right. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: