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No matter for more seasoning with daily necessaries fat a variety of condiments in many weight loss students have such confusion, have very hard to pay attention to the structure of the daily diet, even for food over to count calories, not how thin? Keep Jun would like to remind you that the same weight of ingredients, cooking methods are not the same (such as boiled and fried), the most likely to be twice the calories! This difference difference in seasoning, with the Home Dishes can also adjust the taste of fat, will not let you eat like suffer wrong…… In addition to grilled a steak as everyone knows oil, what will make you fatter imperceptibly. A fat, you need to avoid seasoning salt seasoning minefields is the most common family in the kitchen, it takes most of the sources of dietary salt. The main component of salt is sodium chloride, sodium ion provides pure salt (salt, salt salty not pure with a bitter taste), and chloride ion is helpful to flavor. Salt is an indispensable condiment, but too much food will cause excessive intake of sodium. The famous medical journal JAMA published an article on Chinese salt, sodium intake the epidemiological investigation report in February, the results show that the Chinese people average salt intake 9g, sodium intake 5.4G, especially in Beijing, Shaanxi, Henan, salt intake has reached 11 grams or more. The daily intake of salt recommended by Chinese residents DRIs should not exceed 6g. High sodium diet will not only make the body maintain the state of edema, is not conducive to reducing fat. Long term high sodium diets may even increase the risk of developing high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis. Salad dressings and mayonnaise salad dressings and mayonnaise are widely used to collocation salad and toast, the special sweet and dense texture are a lot of families to buy food. Common salad sauce or mayonnaise with salad oil with emulsifier and seasoning into the egg yolk lecithin rich is an excellent natural emulsifier, in oil-water medium directional adsorption to form a stable emulsion, then add a lot of sugar and the amount of vinegar, delicious salad sauce is made. As you can see, the main ingredient of salad dressing or mayonnaise is fat, so a bottle of salad dressing often has 600kcal, which contains nearly 70g of fat. Even if only eat once a day, each time to eat a spoonful (10g), also means that more intake of 7g fat. The need for control in the fat fat intake limit people get fat and calories from the salad sauce did not choose to eat the same calories of nuts to more reasonable. Ketchup either pasta or rice collocation collocation, as long as the tomato appears, there may be alternative tomato sauce and a space for one person. However, most of the city of tomato sauce main raw materials may not be sold but water, tomatoes, tomato sauce, sugar, vinegar concentrate and food additives. Commercially available tomato paste contains a lot of added sugar compared with homemade tomato or tomato puree. For fat loss, excessive intake of added sugars tend to add extra empty calories, not easy to create knowledge reduction