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Taichung restaurant explosion, smoke four from the scene, horrible. Where the Chinese restaurant is located in Taiwan? Why would suddenly explode? How many people in the restaurant? How is the situation? At noon today at lunch time, Shinsaibashi restaurant in Taiwan, Taichung Feng Chia District Xi’an Street gas explosion accident occurred, a powerful explosion, is devastated. Fire officers arrived, emergency rescue of 14 people, due to narrow roadway, at least 6 households. In July 18th 12 noon, Taiwan District Xi’an street, Taichung Feng Chia a restaurant fire. (Taichung City Fire Bureau) "Central News Agency reporter Su Muchun fax at 12 noon, Taichung City Fire Department received a report in Xi’an Street Shinsaibashi restaurant on the first floor of the gas cylinders exploded, emergency dispatched 23 fire engines and 69 firefighters to the rescue, half an hour after the fire potential control. The fire department pointed out that the explosion was so powerful, and the narrow roadway, in addition to Shinsaibashi restaurant where the affected houses, and houses across stores and clothing stores including Hand-Pulled Noodle also suffered spread, there are many cars parked in the periphery have been affected. The fire department pointed out that the restaurant is a 4 floor houses, a building is the dining room, two or three, four buildings are rental suites, the gas explosion case has a restaurant staff and a total of 4 households, 14 men and 10 women were rescued and taken to hospital, one of the men burn area of 80%, is from the hospital rescue.Taichung restaurant explosion
restaurant in Taichung Feng Chia District 18 noon gas explosion occurred, has caused 1 deaths and 15 injuries. It was reported that a fire broke out at the restaurant, suspected of leaking gas and was accidentally detonated. Firefighters were reported to the rescue, 1 people were found dead at the fire, and 15 others were lightly injured. 2 of them were seriously injured, with burns and burns up to 90%. They were still at risk and were still in the rescue. According to Taiwan media reports, 30 year old Wu, the restaurant owner body 90% two degree to three degree burns, respiratory tract injuries choke, and violent impact of visceral injury, the hospital has intubation, to inform the families issued. Taichung City Fire Bureau said that the gas explosion restaurant is located 3 floors, buildings and top floor stamped, 1 floor management restaurant, and 2 to 4 floor is a rental suite, the fire spread to 6 households.



7月18日中午12时多,台湾台中逢甲商圈内西安街一家餐厅发生火灾。(台中市消防局提供)“中央社”记者苏木春传真  中午12时多,台中市消防局接报位于西安街的心斋桥餐厅一楼的瓦斯钢瓶突然爆炸,紧急出动23辆消防车及69名消防人员前往抢救,半小时后火势控制。