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Lance in the trial for Pelican salary contract had rejected 5 years about 44 million fertilizer possible landing Stephenson 2015-16 season Chinese Madden performance collection Tencent sports news August 30th according to Pelican told reporters the team BRET duosen reports, the famous Lance Stevenson will head the pelican trial. If he could succeed, may get a salary contract, if not successful, will go to overseas. The "trial Stephenson informed sources said that Lance Stevenson will attend the pelican trial. It is just trial, has not yet signed a contract." Duosen wrote in his twitter. Stevenson height 6 feet 5 inches (196 cm), in September 6th will be over the age of 26, when the year. He is the fortieth in the 2010 draft of the Pacers, currently only played in NBA for the season of 6. Stevenson during the experience of the Pacers quite inspirational, he became the team’s core players from a water dispenser administrator. In the first two seasons of the Pacers, Stevenson are marginalized people, including the 2011-12 season averaged out for 10.5 minutes, get a score of 1.3 points and 1.1 assists, hit rate of only 37.6%. The 2012-13 season he proved himself, from the bench boiled first set. Stevenson 2013-14 season as the Pacers indispensable player in the playoffs, but Lebron James James Ying Han, the emperor was blowing, blowing. He averaged 13.8 points, 7.2 rebounds and 4.6 assists per game this season, hitting a record of up to $49.1%. Stevenson this year’s data is very good, but the Pacers more players said, in order to brush the data of Stevenson, and even grab his teammates to get the rebound, making the walker inside very discordant. The Pacers gave Stevenson a $44 million contract extension for $5, hoping to leave the star. Perhaps indulge in their own brush out of the data, Stevenson that he has been a star level, the pedestrian is too underestimate the contract itself, then refused to renew the contract. He signed a 3 – year contract with the Hornets, which is set to be a team option for the third year in 27 million. The Hornets during Stevenson as first mover and Kemba Walker is not compatible, because they are a type of player, as a substitute state is very bad. 2014-15 season, Stevenson scored 8.2 points in the Hornets field, the hit rate of only 37.6%, the shooting rate of only three points of only 17.1%. Stevenson will be the reason for their poor state of the Hornets coach Steve – Kerrey Ford, believes that Kerrey Ford did not give him star treatment. Stevenson is considered to be in the Hornets locker room cancer, soon to be traded to the Clippers. The Clippers during the Stevenson condition is good, but whether it is a substitute or as a main, he didn’t have the ball right into the locker room again and was traded to memphis. Because of Stevenson’s record, he even in Memphis played very well, the summer of 2016 still no one wanted him, reduced to the position salary for trial. (Tong Xin) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.